Supreme Court grants condition bail to arrested BJP youth leader, directs her to issue written apology and then…


The Supreme Court on Tuesday granted BJP youth leader Priyanka Sharma conditional bail but directed her to issue a written apology to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Sharma was arrested by the West Bengal Police for photoshopping Banerjee’s photo on the Met Gala image of actress Priyanka Chopra.

Supreme Court

What became dramatic was that after the top court pronounced its verdict, the Supreme Court, according to ANI, called back Sharma’s lawyer NK Kaul and modified its order by waiving off the condition of apology.

Earlier the Supreme Court Bench of Justices Indira Banerjee and Sanjeev Khanna had taken a dim view of the meme shared by the accused saying that ‘freedom of speech ends where it affects others rights.’

Kaul had argued that the post was deleted by her client immediately adding that she was not the only one sharing the meme. He said that sending her in judicial custody for 14 days was is a grave infringement of fundamental rights.’

The Supreme Court observed that the insinuation of sharing such meme assumed different significance since Priyanka Sharma was a member of a rival political party.

‘Elections are going on. She is a BJP leader and her post could be perceived otherwise by the opposite side. If it were your leader, you would too be offended…is there any issue in saying sorry? If someone has been hurt by your action, apologising won’t bring you down”, Justice Khanna was quoted by Livelaw website.


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