Supreme Court rejects petition seeking complete ban on cow slaughter in all states


The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a petition seeking a complete ban on cow slaughter in all states across India. The apex court, according to news agency ANI, said that it had already passed orders on measures to stop illegal inter-state transportation of cattle.

This came after at least 36 bodies of beef dealers from across Maharashtra moved the Supreme Court challenging the ban.

supreme court cow slaughter

Last week, the top court had stayed the July 2016 judgment of the Himachal Pradesh high court, which directed the Centre to enact a law prohibiting cow slaughter.

In December 2015, the Delhi High Court had refused to entertain a petition seeking enactment of a law prohibiting slaughter of cows, saying the “issue is beyond the domain of judicial decision” and it’s a policy matter.

Last year in August, Bombay High Court had struck down two sections of Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act which criminalised possession of beef of animals slaughtered outside the state while upholding the ban on slaughter of bulls and bullocks in the state.

Cow slaughter has been a contentious political issue with the Centre’s ruling BJP raking up the subject during key elections in the past allegedly to polarise votes in its favour.

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