Super Tuesday: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton take early lead


Republican hopeful Donald Trump and the Democrat Hillary Clinton have taken early leads in the primaries held in 11 states- biggest single day voting for 8 November Presidential elections.

Clinton and Trump both won in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia, while Republican Ted Cruz won in Texas and Oklahoma.

Clinton’s Democrat rival, Bernie Sanders, won Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont.

According to BBC, Clinton has also taken Arkansas and Texas, and Trump has won Massachusetts.

Trump, despite his controversial stand on immigration has been polling significantly well.

As for Clinton, she has already secured three wins in the first four early-voting states and has led significantly among blocs of black voters there.

However, Sanders, a socialist, is expected to win Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Minnesota.

The current primaries will decide who will be the presidential candidates for both Republican and Democrat in 8 November election to succeed Barack Obama at the White House.


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