‘Super dictatorship’ in the country, change in 2019: Mamata Banerjee


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said “super dictatorship” is going on in the country but opposition parties have come on a platform and there will be change in 2019.

Mamata Banerjee
फाइल फोटो।

“Super dictatorship is going on (in the country). If somebody says anything, they (the Centre) will send the ED, or CBI or IT to their homes. All are scared of that,” Banerjee said criticising the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre, at an interactive session hosted by a news channel here.

“How will the opposition be powerful? Everybody is scared,” she said.

To a question why she was always the first target of attack by the Centre, she said she was happy to be so. “I feel I am a hero not zero”.

Banerjee said, “What I can sustain, others cannot. I can digest because I am from the grassroots and I am a fighter and I will fight the battle throughout my life”.

“However, the opposition parties have come on a platform and there will be change (at the Centre) in 2019.

“We are waiting for the change … No front has been formed as yet, but the opposition parties have come on a platform and have started working. Wait for six months. Things will be clear,” she said at the interaction ‘Rising Bengal 2017’ here.

“All will not speak so soon. Otherwise, (central) agencies will be unleashed against them,” she added.

Asked to comment on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar quitting the Grand Alliance with RJD and Congress in Bihar, Banerjee said “You are thinking about one Nitish Kumar but I am thinking about 100 Sharad Yadavs, 100 Lalu Prasads, 100 Akhilesh Yadavs”.

Blaming the Centre for hampering the country’s economy and disturbing industries by introducing demonetisation, Banerjee said “They (the Centre) threaten everybody. Everyday they disturb the industry. Just look how many industrialists have left the country after the GST and demonetisation.

“What they had said before demonetisation nothing has happened. The country has to face so much of loss because of demonetisation. The economic condition of the country has deteriorated because of it. People do not know how much money has been deposited with the RBI after demonetisation”.

She wondered how BJP president Amit Shah could hold meeting with a Union minister. “Who is the prime minister? Narendra Modi or Amit Shah?” she asked without naming the minister.

Banerjee showered praise on former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “He is also a BJP man – but he was very balanced and impartial. We worked under him and never faced any problem.

“But why are we facing problems today? I do not want to blame the prime minister but his party should take care. Why is his party creating problems for everyone?

“Why they are showing us the agencies everyday? Why will they tell me what I will eat, wear, which school I should go to or which religion I support? Or how the schools will celebrate Independence Day,” she said, adding, it was Bengal which was at the forefront of the freedom movement and “Now it has to learn how to celebrate Independence Day?”

She also alleged that education was being saffronised in the country.

Questioned about the recent deaths of children in a Gorakhpur hospital, Banerjee said “What has happened there was not good”.

“They (BJP) can deliver speeches but they cannot deliver the goods,” she added.


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