Sunday’s spectacular win made Delhi boy Virat Kohli emotional, rated the innings as one of his best


Virat Kohli, arguably the greatest ever run chaser in the history of world cricket, was an emotional man after guiding India to a remarkable six-wicket win against Australia.

His sterling performance has also helped India set up a semi-final clash against West Indies.

Not too long ago, he had expressed his frustration on not being able to score as many sixes as he would have liked.

On Sunday night, an emotional Kohli said, “I don’t really know what to say right now, because I’m overwhelmed by the position we were in and then to take out the match. This is what you play cricket for. You need new challenges in every game, but trust me, you don’t like these situations too much.”

Kohli said that Sunday’s innings was one of his best.

He said, “It certainly has to be in the top three. Probably the top right now, because I’m a bit emotional, so I would like to put this on top. Against Australia, a world-class side, literally a quarter-final for us, we had to go over the line. There’s a lot riding on us in this World Cup, we are playing at home and the crowds want to see us and we just want to give them as much entertainment and fun as possible.

The style icon was also full of praise for his skipper MS Dhoni.

He said, “MS, in the end, kept me calm. I could have gotten over-excited so I think it was a wonderful team batting effort and very happy we crossed the line.”

The Delhi boy also conceded that Yuvraj Singh pulling hamstring muscle early in the innings had caused a bit of a scare.

He said, “It was a bit tough at that time to focus on what we need to do. He’s such an explosive player, you don’t have to have him at 60-70%.

“He [Yuvraj] just decided that he was just going to go for the team’s cause. He perished, but it was a good thought because if you are injured, you might as well make the most of the balls that you are going to play because you are not going to be able to push as you want to push as a runner. I think that was a great call.”


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