A success achieved by discarding basic principles does not stay for long: Sonia Gandhi


Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said that “no failure is permanent” adding that “A success achieved by discarding basic principles does not stay for long.”

Commenting for the first time on the recent assembly elections, Gandhi said, “A success achieved by discarding basic principles does not stay for long. If one sticks to principles, no failure is permanent.”

Addressing party workers at a programme to commemorate the 25th death anniversary of her husband and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the Congress President said, “”We will have to follow his values of simplicity, modernity, harmony and sensitivity. That will be our true homage to him. Only then we will be able to say that Rajiv is in us.”

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Congress lost two state governments in Kerala and Assam in the just concluded assembly elections even though the party emerged as the second largest party in West Bengal and is all set to form government in Puducherry with the help of the DMK.

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Gandhi added, “We have to compensate for each drop of Rajiv’s blood on Indian soil by promoting and strengthening social harmony.”

Recounting her husband’s contribution as prime minister, Gandhi said, “India is walking with its head held high in the world due to the steps taken by him.”

She said that it was Rajiv Gandhi who had started the change that led to the gains that visible in society, economy and politics, “which we talk about loudly today.”

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“It was he who took the revolutionary step of bringing prosperity in the life of the poor through science and technology. It was he who took strong steps to bring peace in Assam, Mizoram and Darjeeling. Rajiv ji wanted to see India at the forefront of the world order,” the Congress President said.

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