Subramanian Swamy says Arvind Kejriwal is his next target after Raghuram Rajan


BJP Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy on Monday said that his next target was Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal now that ‘Rajan is gone.’

Swamy had joined his party colleague Maheish Girri in a hunger strike outside Kejriwal’s home in Delhi, where he said that ‘after Raghuram Rajan’ he will now focus on exposing the city Chief Minister.

RBI governor

“All his life he (Kejriwal) has done fraud. He says he was a meritorious student in IIT but I have records of how he got his admission…which I will reveal in a press conference. Till now I was Rajan ke peechhe (was going after Raghuram Rajan) and he is now gone,” Swamy was quoted by NDTV.

Girri is protesting against Kejriwal asking him to apologise for accusing him of a role in the recent murder of MM Khan, an official of the civic body New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC).

Challenging Kejriwal for a public debate, Girri had said, “Question me if needed, arrest me if required.”

Kejriwal had earlier in a letter accused Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung of trying to protect Girri, accusing him of having links with the man arrested for the murder.

Swamy said that the only way Girri would end his fast if Kejriwal apologised to him.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal reiterated his demand for Girri’s arrest.

He tweeted on Monday, “He shud be arrested n interrogated by Modi police in MM Khan murder case. Modi police shielding him. If Del police were wid us, Mahesh Giri n Karan Singh Tanwar wud have been arrested and interrogated by now in MM Khan murder case.”

AAP has also stepped up attack against Girri after he wrote a letter to the LG by attaching a letter by Khan’s alleged killer, R Kakkar.

Delhi deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia said, “R Kakkar is under arrest. He is an alleged murderer. Why did Mahesh Girri meet the LG along with him. Why did the LG bat for him?”

AAP spokesperson Ashutosh tweeted, “Giri wrote to LG,attaching letter of Khan’s alleged killer,to help him.Why police not arresting/interrogating Giri?”

According to reports, Ramesh Kakkar, the owner of The Connaught hotel, had allegedly hired hitmen to kill NDMC legal adviser Khan.

Kakkar had even “offered a bribe of Rs 3 crore” to the lawyer and even approached his relatives to pressure him, sources close to the investigation were reported as saying.

Kakkar owed more than Rs 140 crore of dues to the NDMC in licensing fees and the hotelier allegedly made several attempts to “influence” Khan by approaching his senior officers and even his relatives in Mumbai, but the honest officer did not succumb to pressure to take the money.

A desperate Kakkar then sent his subordinates to NDMC office seeking an audience with the BJP leader Tanwar.

Khan’s daughter, Iqra Khan, too made a desperate plea through a video asking for investigation into the allegations that Girri had accompanied an alleged criminal to meet the LG.

The murder of an honest NDMC officer, MM Khan, had taken a new twist after it emerged that the civic body’s vice-chairman Karan Singh Tanwar had written to LG Najeeb Jung asking for his transfer.

 Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal had announced a cash compensation of Rs 1 crore for the family of the honest NDMC officer, SH Khan, who was murdered for not bowing to corrupt businessman allegedly enjoying blessings of a BJP leader.


  1. A politician like AK, with all his limitations and follies is worth thousands of rank holders unwilling to enter politics and face the challenges.AK with his education, confidence and courage is the only hope for those who want a total change in the country’s dismal political culture. Swamy has his role. Let him rub with his sharp intellectual abrasive on to those in limelight.Some will certainly will become dust, but those with sterner stuff will shine with enhanced brilliance.

    • You underestimate the evil of this Hannibal who masterminded the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. Things will get nasty and messy very soon now.


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