Subramanian Swamy writes to PM Modi, wants Rahul Gandhi to be stripped of his citizenship


BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Monday alleged that the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi had violated Indian law through ‘false’ declaration of his nationality when registering a company in UK in 2003.

He said, “As per article 9 of Indian constitution, any Indian citizen cannot acquire dual citizenship. But Rahul Gandhi declared himself to be British national in registration papers.”

According to the BJP leader, the compnay in question was known as Backops, where the Congress VP was allegedly a director.

He said he had written to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding this.

He said, “I have written a letter to PM, enclosing authenticated documents regarding registration in 2003 of a private company in Britain. Article 18 prohibits an Indian citizen from accepting even foreign titles. Hence, Mr Rahul Gandhi has committed has, prima facie, committed an unconstitutional act and therefore, liable to be stripped of his citizenship and membership of the Lok Sabha.”

See the full letter below;

Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-001

Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-002



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