Subramanian Swamy launches stunning attack against Nirmala Sitharaman, accuses her of conflict of interest in Air India’s sale


BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has launched a tirade against Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman accusing her of conflict of interest in the proposed sale of the government-owned national carrier, Air India. Swamy alleged that she was acting on a report submitted by chartered accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, where Sitharaman worked early in her career.

Subramanian Swamy

Swamy wrote in his tweet, “How can a Group of Ministers headed by Ms. Sitharaman work on Air India sale based on a Report prepared by Price Waterhouse and Cooper ? She was a employee of PWC while she lived in London. Anyway why do we need foreign consulting companies in such matters? (sic)”

Sitharaman had earlier this month told a newspaper that her government was looking towards completing the sale of Air India and oil refiner and marketer BPCL by March next year.

Swamy also retweeted a tweet critical of Sitharaman posted by one of his devout followers. The tweet read, ‘BJP govt’s Finance Minister is a JNU product plus a former employee of PwC . PwC has suggested that Air India needs to be sold without any basis. If FM Nirmala implements that suggestion where she is the head then it’s a clear case of conflict of interest.”

Swamy had routinely given grief to Sitharaman’s predecessor, late Arun Jaitley by questioning his ability to run the finance ministry. He’s often projected himself as a contender for the Finance Minister’s post.


  1. I fully support the averments made by Prof. Dr. Subramanian Swamy in as much as conflict of interest is concerned with regard to the Finance Minister as an erstwhile employee of PWC, which gave a report to sell our premier carrier. What is the burning need to sell Air India when certain proposals are pending before the Government of India ? Where is the need to sell BPCL a navaratha company ?
    Five years of a non-economist at the helm of the finance ministry has ruined the economy of this country. Now another novice heads it. God save this country. This country has already tested the capability of Prof Dr Subramanian Swamy when he was the Commerce minister under PM Chandrasekar. It was a golden rule where prices of goods & commodities were brought down more than 50% in just 4 months due to prof. Swamy’s sagacity & advices which were fully accepted & operationalised. Fearing it’s popularity the then government was pulled down in 7 months. Had it been allowed to survive India would have become a mega Singapore. Sad day for us & sad day for the country, we have to put up with people with no working knowledge of our economic systems.


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