Subramanian Swamy blames Pakistan for Jallikattu violence


In a bizarre twist to Jallukattu agitation, BJP Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy has blamed Pakistan for being responsible for an otherwise peaceful protests turning violent on Monday.

Swamy told India Today that the sudden violence in Chennai was actually triggered by Pakistan intelligence agency – Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). He said that jallikattu protests had been hijacked by ‘anti-national’ elements.

Subramanian Swamy blames Pakistan

Swamy said, “Genuine agitators have dispersed. The main organiser said he is leaving Marina. Today there are people with Prabhakaran’s and Hafiz Sayeed’s posters. This is now an ISI financed agitation. O Panneeselvam has done just the right thing.”

Meanwhile, veteran actor, Kamal Haasan, told media that he was shocked to see some of the videos showing police commit arson.

He told reporters in Chennai, “I am equally shocked (to see video of cops committing arson). I hope some sort of explanation is given to us so that we can calm down.”

Haasan had urged the agitators on Monday to end their protests and go home after incidents of violence began to surface from across Tamil Nadu.

The actor reiterated that he was against any ban adding that he favoured regulation in place of ban.



  1. Where is our intelligence department? Pakistan is instigating our internal matter. The instigator must be found out and punished. Festival is an Indian festival, it’s good or bad belongs to India or Our Tamil people. What’s the matter here for Pakistanis?


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