Delhi student locks up teacher in washroom of government school


A teacher at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya in Vivek Vihar here was allegedly locked in washroom by a student who also hurled abuses at her, police said today.

“The student from the second shift had locked the teacher from first shift in the washroom and abused her. We reached her and reported the matter to police,” a school official was quoted by PTI.

The teacher told Hindustan Times, “I went to the bathroom after classes. Later, when I tried to open the door I found it locked from the outside. Then someone from outside said something obscene to me. The student passed sexual comments.”

She added, “I kept requesting him to let me go, but he didn’t budge. I even threatened him that I will make a call, even though I had left my phone in the staff room. He probably knew that I didn’t have my phone with me.”

The student finally left after the teacher reportedly to the ventilator of the washroom.

An FIR has been registered in the matter. The school officials did not identify the student, but we will go through the CCTV footage and investigate the matter, police said.

The officials at the Directorate of Education (DoE) said the matter was brought before them and a meeting was held with the School Management Committee (SMC) to discuss the issue.


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