AAP at 3, political start-up causing revolution by challenging status quo

Somnath Bharti 
Aam Aadmi Party turns 3 today and what a journey it’s been!
Everything was ‘fine’ in Indian politics until Aam Aadmi Party was born. Up until then, it was an established and proven fact that irrespective of the party in power, works and lives of leaders of all political parties were almost at par and that of convenience.
We all heard Shri Sharad Pawar’s nexus with Shri Nitin Gadkari as exposed by Dr. Anjali Damania, wherein the former union minister was found confessing to having a working relationship with Gadkari and they came to each other’s help whenever needed. And this was just one example. There were many similar instances, which conclusively established that, once away from the public view, politicians of all ilk enjoyed a ‘working and business relationship’ and were no different from each other when it came to propagandist politics or being strongest proponent of maintaining status quo.
All these politicians were peripherally seen opposing each other for obvious reasons. People had no choice but to choose one of the same politicians varying at the most by a degree or two when it came to level of corruption they were indulged in or history of crime they had to their credit.
And then came a choice called AAP led by Sri Arvind Kejriwal, whose style of governance is causing a serious revolution in the world of politics.
Without going into the detail of allegations levelled against our leaders, one thing that even our political opponents would concede that they simply can’t accuse us of corruption.
On occasions we found instances of wrongdoing, we’ve wasted no time in taking firm actions. Never before had India seen a chief minister sacking his own cabinet colleague for corruption charges. Since we stood for just cause and our existence rattled established parties, it was not surprising that false allegations of wrongdoings against our colleagues also began to surface thick and fast.
During the 49 days government of AAP in Delhi, I, as law minister, too was accused of having exceeded my jurisdiction by instructing Delhi Police to take appropriate actions against drug and human traffickers in Khirki. The police and our political rivals launched a campaign accusing me of having violated laws of the land and further tried their best to stamp me with being in violation of women’s rights.
The chargesheet filed by Delhi police was full of concoction because the police is refusing to file a reply on merits to my application filed under section 173(8), CrPC for further investigation. When they failed to stump me out in order to further harm Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s credibility in Khirki Case, the opposition attempted again to malign me recently through a family matter.
Yes, the seed of dissatisfaction in my family was there because of being fully engrossed in serving the constituency and the nation at large through politics and not being able to take time out for the family, but in my limited understanding of a politician’s life, such dissatisfaction exists in almost every politician’s family. While most such politicians compensate their lack of attention with ill-gotten wealth, very few possibly use the work-family balance.
Compensating my absence with ill-gotten wealth is out of question but surely I am trying to improve the work-family balance. Problem with me is also of a different kind. I’ve never restricted my family to my wife and two children as I believe that entire Malviya Nagar constituency has become my family from the day they elected me as their representative. I have the responsibility to look after the interests of each resident living therein as a family member.
In time to come, I expect Mr. Narender Modi through police to target few more AAP MLAs for offences similar to the ones mentioned above but none involving embezzlement of even a penny of public money and this is most relevant of all other details.
Not so long ago, while speaking to a channel, former BJP president and now a minister in Modi cabinet, Nitin Gadkari admitted that if congress didn’t stop agitating over Vyappam, Lalit Gate etc. and allow functioning of the parliament then BJP would bring out all scams of Congress in its ten year rule.
It was shocking as it established my and the countrymen’s fear that Congress and BJP were aware of each other’s crimes but chose to hide each other’s scams for convenience. To me, this amounts to treason and Gadkari ought to have been tried accordingly unless he agrees to expose all the corruption instances of Congress and direct the prosecuting agencies to take appropriate actions against culprits. But this has never happened and will never happen for reasons not so mysterious.
Unlike Congress, the BJP and other political parties, AAP has been the most transparent political party with nothing to hide. We will never have to hide at any time in the future too and it’s this aspect of our politics that is posing a serious threat to the existence of established political parties, who at any cost, would like to maintain the status quo. Maintaining status quo means that there’s no improvement on core issues of poverty and illiteracy and people forever remain trapped in their day to day problems and are not able to hold these politicians accountable for their actions.
Now these parties are visibly worried by the resolve shown by the AAP government in delivering on its election promises. What the established parties couldn’t deliver in years, AAP is delivering without fuss in weeks and months. No wonder, the established political ‘industrialists’ now have no clue on how to counter the political ‘start-up’, AAP.
AAP’s success and soaring popularity can be attributed to the constant challenges and struggles we face, just like start-ups do. In the absence of resources and funds, we have been forced to use innovative tools and bring in new ideas for political survival. And, if Delhi election results are anything to go by, we have done exceedingly well? Today AAP has become a reason for BJP and Congress to become serious in their outlook. With AAP fast emerging as credible political alternative, the so-called mainstream political parties too have realised the importance of delivering on election promises.
AAP was created less with a view to rule but more to revolutionize the Indian politics. In Delhi, we are causing that revolution through our uniquely engaging governance, where we are not in power, the big parties have started focusing on good governance out of their fear for AAP.
Somnath Bharti is AAP MLA from Delhi’s Malviya Nagar constituency and was law minister in Arvind Kejriwal’s 49-day rule in 2013.


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