Story of two incredible young lady doctors, whose grit helped save stranger’s life


An incredible story of selfless service by two young lady doctors in Secunderabad in Telangana has gone viral on social media platform.

This is the story of Dr Faizah Anjum and Dr Savitri Devi (pictured above), both interns working for a private hospital in Secunderabad.

They were reportedly returning on Sunday night, when they came across a road traffic accident with patient having ‘no/feeble pulse.’

The two young doctors stopped by seeing a huge crowd around, which had already presumed the victim dead.

As is the practice, the crowd was busy clicking photos and making videos using their mobile phones, but the two doctors chose to respond to their call of duty.

“Not minding personal safety in the midst of the boisterous crowd they waded into the crowd and though having no medical instruments used their skill and ingenuity to revive the patient.
They used a pen to keep the tongue from falling into the throat and sustained airway,” the Facebook post of India’s Doctors reported.

Dr Anjum folded a newspaper and began to ‘blow air into his lungs while the other focussed on chest compressions.’

Even after 25 mins, there was no sight of ambulance, but these two intrepid doctors persisted with CPR until they were able to to revive the patient.

“The ambulance came and then they administered saline and oxygen. The patient survived with full heartbeat and he was taken to hospital,” the Facebook post added.

In one of its posts, India’s doctors says that purpose of creating a dedicated Facebook page was to ‘highlight stories of compassion and service by India’s Doctors towards patient care.’

It adds, “If any(0ne) have such incidents to report please message us. We will publish. Let’s bring back the pride of the Medical Profession by highlighting its silent crusaders in service of all….our Indian Doctors. (sic)”

The Facebook page highlighting the story of Dr Anjum and Dr Devi has been shared close to 26,000 times while nearly 1 lakh users have liked the story.


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