Sting ‘exposes’ people behind ‘Love-Jihad’


A clandestine sting operation claims to have revealed the ‘real faces’ of some of the leaders of organisations like the BJP, the RSS, the VHP, and Krishna Sena who have been allegedly indulging in violence, registering false cases, emotionally blackmailing and threatening young boys and girls in the name of ‘Love-Jihad’.

sangeet som
Sangeet Som, BJP MLA from Sardhana, Meerut

Disclosing the tapes of their sting operation, titled ‘Operation Juliet’, Cobrapost and Gulail websites said that their sting shows how fake cases were being registered against Muslim boys by several well-known leaders of these organisations.

These leaders admit in the sting that fake cases and rape charges had been registered against Muslim boys on the basis of a false kidnapping of Hindu girls, who had allegedly either eloped with them or married them.

“RSS-VHP-BJP combine and their splinter groups use violence, intimidation, emotional blackmail, duplicity and drugs to split up Hindu-Muslim married couples. These organisations claim Muslim men entice and marry Hindu girls in the name of ‘Love- Jihad’,” says Gulail website under the headline ‘Operation Juliet: Busting the Bogey of ‘Love Jihad”.

“The groups target not only Hindu girls and women who marry outside their religion, as it is commonly believed, but also their Muslim or Christian partners,” it says. “The investigation reveals that there is a systematic effort towards using love jihad to polarise communities along communal lines.”

The operation was conducted on Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, Minister of State for Agriculture and a BJP MP from Muzaffarnagar, BJP MLA from Thana Bhawan Suresh Rana, BJP MLA from Sardana Sangeet Som, RSS leader Omkar Singh and Krishna Sena founder Shiv Kumar Sharma.

The sting shows the leaders of these Hindu organisations admitting to registering fake rape cases against Muslim boys, besides claiming to have saved 125 Hindu girls.

In the sting, these leaders claim that if their other tactics do not work, then they incite violence with their inflammatory speeches.
‘Operation Juliet’ started after the 2014 general elections in May and took over a year to complete. The sting was conducted in Delhi, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar in UP, Bengaluru, and Ernakulam and Kasargod in Kerala.

In an interview done during the sting operation, Sangeet Som says how he would exert pressure on the police to release a Hindu girl and threaten Muslim families. He further said that if that would not work, he would employ tactics. He also said that 99% of the girls understand easily what they say and if they did not then they would “emotionally” explain to them, saying they persisted going with Muslims boys their parents could summit suicide .

When a TV channel asked Som about his comments in the sting tapes, the BJP MLA denied that he never said such things. He, however, said that even if he had said something, it must be within the boundaries of the law.

In this operation, Union Minister of State for Agriculture Sanjeev Kumar Balyan explains how he mobilised the Hindu community for the riots in Muzaffarnagar in 2013.

However, when a TV channel asked Balyan, an accused in Muzaffarnagar riots, about his comments in the sting, he said if minor Hindu girls are get enticed by the so-called ‘Love-Jihad’, then they should return home because they don’t have the right to take the decision to marry, but adult girls were entitled to decide for themselves.

RSS leader Omkar Singh is heard saying in the sting operation that he had rescued around 125 girls caught in ‘Love-Jihad’. He claimed he even took the help of black magic, besides making fake extortion cases against Muslim boys. He said he would also threaten police by saying he would start riots.

Suresh Rana, the BJP MLA from Thana Bhawan constituency in UP who is spearheading the ‘Beti Bachao aur Bahu Laao’ campaign, said he had filed many fake cases of rape against Muslim boys. is known for its sting operations while is a website with which ‘Operation Juliet’ was conducted.


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