Spelling theek karo auntyji, Smriti Irani’s ‘beta’s’ response on HRD minister


You may remember the controversy over the HRD Minister, Smriti Irani being addressed as ‘dear’ by Bihar’s education minister, Ashok Choudhary.

Irani, as we had reported, had taken offence to being addressed as dear and not ‘honourable’ causing a huge social media backlash.

While responding to a user, Irani had retorted, “Grammar theek karo beta (Correct your grammar son).”


This was in response to the user Saral Patel’s use of english ‘Had you went to college/university you would know that it’s a common practice to address ppl as dear. (sic)’

On Friday, Irani’s English became a subject of social media conversation once again and this time it was her ‘beta’ reminding her to correct her ‘spelling.’

On Friday Irani tweeted, “Interacted with Hon Governer Uttar Pradesh Shri Ram Naikji. (sic)”

It may not have been a big deal had she not admonished a user to correct his grammar only a few days ago.

The user on Friday wasted no time in getting back to Irani by reminding, “spelling theek karo auntyji- From your beta (Correct your spelling auntyji, from your son.)”


To ensure the small typo doesn’t turn into a full blown episode of embarrassment once again, the HRD minister was quick to delete the earlier tweet and replace it with correct spelling of Governor. But, by the time she deleted the tweet, it had already been shared more than 50 times.

Irani’s ‘beta’ later tweeted calling the HRD Minister’s latest spelling errors as ‘karma.’

He tweeted;


  1. My country should go in the record books of Guinese to be 1st in list of Uneducated MLA’s , MP’s, CENTRAL & State Government Ministers in the World… And above ALL FAKE DEGREES too. JAI HIND

  2. Did u check Ashok chaudhary’s spelling. No u didn’t bcoz he’s a rascal congressi. But wait u might say that he’s from hindi medium then check his tweet in hindi. U won’t bcoz u r a well known bootlicker of Gandhi’s. Keep licking. Have a good day.

  3. I wish she engages in more productive n intellectual discussions n debates with others than in such silly arguments… She has made everything an ego issue for herself. More than her work she’s always trying to justify her calibre for her job.

  4. While many people like this “beta” Saral can spend a lot of time on such useless arguments, I wonder why Smriti Irani wastes her ministerial time on such tweets! I have watched her on TV and find that she is one of the rarest North Indians who speak perfect English and is very witty and clever too. I wish people like her don’t waste their time on quarrelling with our “highly educated liberals”.

  5. Are you not lowering the standard of journalism by reporting useless tit bits “betaji and auntyji”? Please report something that concerns India and her problems; and with substance, please.

  6. Education minister has enough time to waste. So she can afford such kind of useless comments. Let us not do that. After all we are common people and have to work hard without distraction to keep India improving


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