‘Gurdaspur SP’s story is not adding up,’ Social media reacts to cop’s version


With all the terrorists killed and Pathankot operation nearly coming to an end, the mystery surrounding the Gurdaspur SP Salvinder Singh is beginning to get intense media attention.

Singh’s story is now being questioned by social media users while the National Investigating Agency has decided to interrogate him as part of the probe into the deadly terrorist attack on the Air Force base in Punjab’s Pathankot.

Singh on Tuesday said that the men who had abducted him along with his cook just before mounting deadly attack on the Indian Air Force base spoke in Urdu and carried AK-47 rifles.

Singh said, “When we stopped the car, 4-5 persons rushed towards me. Those people had AK 47 with them. They took my mobile phone. They were speaking in Urdu. I was blindfolded, I could not see anything.”

According to reports, Singh was released after being abducted briefly but his kidnappers allegedly used his car to enter the Air Base.


Many have cast doubt over his story and agencies are verifying his statements with the Intelligence Bureau having visited all the places the senior cop mentioned.

Even the NIA chief Sharad Kumar has described Singh’s actions murky adding that he will be questioned.

Seven security forces personnel lost their lives in the operation that continued for three days.

Here’s a synopsis of social media conversation:




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