This south Delhi restaurant doesn’t serve women, accused of misogyny


A restaurant in south Delhi’s posh Hauz Khas village has caused huge outrage by its perceived misogynistic message displayed outside the pub.

Imperfecto, which identifies itself as restaurant and pub is usually a popular attraction for the youth in the national capital.

But on Saturday, the board bearing message ‘We don’t serve women, you must bring own..” went viral on social media with activists slamming the pub owner for the ‘shameful’ message used for women.

Activist Kavita Krishnan wrote, “This is a board outside Imperfecto Hauz Khas Village. Shameful. We cannot let them get away with this. Sprawling businesses doesn’t mean you can say whatever the hell you want. Women don’t want you. Neither do men. ‪#‎boycottimperfecto‬. Please share this widely.

“Like the Nandos ad, this one too, in the guise of a ‘jokey, witty’ ad, treats women as commodities, as food/drink, as the property of men, and suggests that its ads address male clientele. Men and women, we must all shame Imperfecto.”


Kavita wasn’t alone in her outrage.

User Pranav Sawhney wrote, “I’m sorry, but how does anyone get away with this kinda sh**.”

User Koval Bhatia wrote on Facebook, “We rubbed out the women and they wrote it back. Not to mention there’s a thriving sex trade going on at Hauz Khas Village right from the barricade onwards. Open and with obvious consent of the police coz it happens near the hkv barricade as well as the Aurobindo barrier.”

Rachita Taneja’s Facebook post said, ” I saw the *exact* same sign in Toit in Bangalore. I went and rubbed it off with some paper napkin and left. The waiters were just looking at me and didn’t know what to do.”, made seceral attempts to elicit reaction from the Imperfecto management, but we were unsuccessful.


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