Did Sonu Nigam ask KRK to tweet in his favour on Azaan? He swears on his mother!


Singer Sonu Nigam has landed himself in yet another controversy after it emerged that he had allegedly orchestrated a favourable tweet from Kamaal Rashid Khan on the Azaan controversy.

sonu nigam krk

KRK was one of the few social media celebrities, who had come Nigam’s support when the singer faced widespread condemnation for his anti-Muslim tweets.

KRK had even announced that he will record songs in Nigam’s voice whenever he launches his next movie.

However, on Tuesday it emerged that KRK was alleged by Nigam to tweet in his support. A Bollywood producer Mehmood Ali told a channel that he had evidence Nigam asked asked KRK to tweet in his favour.

Responding to the new allegations, Nigam tweeted swearing on his deceased mother. Nigam claimed that he didn’t know KRK personally.

His tweet said, “Swear on my Departed Mother, I didn’t. We don’t know each other personally at all.”

It seems the aftereffect of his anti-Muslim tweets is likely to haunt the singer for quite sometime.



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