Sonu Nigam ‘compares’ Radhe Maa with Goddess Kali, earns angry response


Tweets posted by Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam on micro-blogging website  comparing the self-styled godwoman Raadhe Maa with Hindu Goddess Kali has drawn sharp reactions from people.

A group of protesters on Monday burnt the singer’s effigy in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad district.

Sonu, in his tweet had said, “Just my two pence. Kaali Maa is depicted in lesser clothes than Radhe Maa. Interesting that this country wants to sue a woman for her clothes.”

The singer didn’t stop here. He said, “Men sadhus can walk naked. Dance embarrassingly, but it takes a rape charge to put them behind bars. So much for gender equality?”

Addressing his critics, who had reacted angrily to his earlier tweets on social media, Sonu Nigam said that if they wanted to sue, they needed to sue the followers of Radhe Maa.

He wrote, “Wanna sue, sue the followers..Sue yourselves for making them god men and women. Setting different rules for men and women not fair.”

Earlier on Monday, a handful of men staged protests in Ghaziabad accusing Sonu of insulting Hindu goddess. They demanded a public apology from the singer and urged the administration to initiate action against him.

Here is the snapshot of how people on twitter reacted to Sonu’S tweets.



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