Sonia Gandhi’s nationality row: Former Gujarat’s IPS officer’s support for Congress president goes viral


Congress President Sonia Gandhi made an emotional speech this week after BJP leaders once again questioned her loyalty to India.

While addressing a rally in Kerala on Monday, the Congress president, showed a rare moment of emotion as she broke down before thousands of people who had gathered to hear her.

She said, “India has been my home for the last 48 years and my ashes will mingle with the land here.”

“I was born in Italy. But India would remain my home forever. This is the land where I would live till my end. It is the same place where my ashes should be laid. None can question my commitment. I cannot expect Modi to understand my feelings. But I am sure the people here would understand it,” said a teary-eyed and choked-up Sonia Gandhi, who had lost her prime minister husband, Rajiv Gandhi, to terrorism in 1991.

Gandhi crying in public left audience utterly moved while she received considerable support on social media platforms.

One of the most notable support came from the former Gujarat IPS officer, Sanjiv Bhatt, who took to Facebook to extend his solidarity.

His support has gone viral.

Here’s what he wrote;

Dear Mrs. Sonia Gandhi,

Islam came to coastal Malabar, Konkan and Gujarat as early as the 7th century AD. Yet the RSS still chooses to brand Muslims as foreign invaders. You came to India from Italy only in the mid 20th century AD. How can you claim to be an Indian so soon? Please wait your turn. There are more than 17 crore Muslims waiting to be bestowed with this honour before you can claim your turn.

In embarrassment and shame,

Sanjiv Bhatt”

Gandhi’s emotional outburst was in response to Modi’s attempts to rake up her country of birth, Italy.

According to The Indian Express, Modi had said on Sunday: “Do you have anyone you know in Italy? Do you have relatives in Italy? Have you been to Italy? Does anyone know you in Italy? Everyone knows who has an Italian connection.”

Kerala goes for crucial assembly polls on Monday.


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