Renowned social worker and AAP leader Soni Sori attacked with acid-like chemicals


Renowned social worker and senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Soni Sori on Saturday was attacked with acid like chemicals in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar region.

Police said that the attack took place near Jawanga village under Geedam police station in Dantewada district at around 10:40 pm when Sori along with her two associates was heading towards Geedam from Jagdalpur on a motorcycle, reported PTI.

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According to reports, they were stopped by three youths on a motorcycle, who stopped them after crossing Bastanar Ghat and forcing them to alight from their vehicle.

One of them immediately hurled the liquid at her face and quickly fled from the spot.

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Sori was rushed to Geedam hospital before her associates informed the police.

Though the substance did not disfigure her face, Sori said she suffered from a burning sensation.

“According to doctors the alleged liquid seemed to be grease diluted with chemical. The woman (Sori) was further shifted to Jagdalpur hospital and kept under observation as she has complained of burning sensation in her face,” PTI quoted the official.

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A case has been been registered and the further probe was on.


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