Sonam Kapoor deletes tweets after Twitter spat with Abhay Deol


Actor Abhay Deol on Wednesday was trending on Twitter prompting everyone to find out the reason. That’s because Abhay hasn’t been known for being a controversial actor and seldom has he indulged in any controversy.

sonam kapoor deletes tweets

Abhay had taken a dig at his Bollywood colleagues, who endorsed the fairness cream in the past.

Sonam, who had acted opposite Abhay in Aisha, appeared to have been irked by his social media posts targetting her because of her own association with brand that made fairness beauty products.

She posted two tweets one of which was reminding Abhay about his cousin Esha Deol, who too had promoted fairness beauty products in the past. Sonam, however, soon deleted both her tweets and they are no longer available on her page.

In his Facebook post, Abhay had said, “Um…this one’s kinda hard to defend as it does say on the side of the packaging- ‘Indian women agree, skin looks visibly fairer: 88%’.

“But L’Oreal is an international brand, do they show the same racism around the world that they are clearly showing here in India?”

To which Sonam Kapoor replied (now deleted), “I appreciate and concur with your views and would like to know your thoughts on this as well.”

Abhay, in his reply, agreed with her and said this was wrong too.

In her second tweet Sonam said that when she shot for fairness products she didn’t quite know its ramifications.

She wrote, “Thank you Abhay, I shot this campaign ten years ago and didn’t understand the ramifications. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront.”

Abhay said, “More power to you @sonamakapoor maybe you can use your power as well to take this further than the forefront.”

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan all have endorsed fairness beauty products in the past. Abhay’s outbursts had come in light of the BJP politician, Tarun Vijay, who had controversially made racist remarks about the dark skin colour of Indians living in southern part of the country.


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