Soldiers should obey orders and need to learn patience: VK Singh on Jantar Mantar fiasco


Former army chief and now a member of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet, Gen VK Singh said on Monday that the soldiers were ‘supposed to obey orders given to them’ and they needed to learn ‘patience.’

While commenting on the manhandling of soldiers at Jantar Mantar on 14 August, Gen Singh blamed the New Delhi Municipal Corporation, which forcibly tried to evict the protesting soldiers.

Talking to reporters in Bhopal, he said that there were some legal hurdles in implementing the One Rank One Pension and PM Modi was trying to do away with them to ensure ‘it can’t be challenged’ after the implementation of OROP.

He said, ” I am quite hopeful that the issue be resolved soon but request the ex-servicemen to wait and watch peacefully rather taking a shortcuts through mass protest.”

Gen Singh blamed Congress for the delay in implementing OROP.

He said, “OROP provides for the same pension for the same length of service by personnel of the same rank, irrespective of the date of retirement. Any increments in pension rates are to be added onto the past pensioners’ pay as well. In 2011, the total expense on OROP was Rs 3200 crore which escalated to a whooping Rs 8,000 crores in 2015.”

Gen Singh had shared stage with Narendra Modi when the latter addressed his maiden election rally of ex-servicemen at Haryana’s Rewari after being declared the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate on September 15, 2013.

PM Modi had promised the army veterans to implement OROP after becoming the prime minister.

The protesting ex-servicemen have accused him of reneging on his poll promise and betraying the trust of every soldier in this country.


  1. VK you r politicizing the issue. Your comments above ” I m sure are fake not ur so” A soldier that to Chief cannot be loyal toolitics. Remember. safety Hounour and welfare of men you commend comes only after the Country, political parties are not Country. Their welfare must come last.t

  2. Idiot. The Jawans expected reforms to prevent illegal torture from the officers, but he was found himself busy in correcting his date of birth for extension and blaming a retired officer to show himself honest. Selfish creature.

  3. Idiot. The Jawans expected reforms to prevent illegal torture from the officers, but he found himself busy in correcting his date of birth for extension and blaming a retired officer for bribing him. Busy showing himself disciplined and honest. Who cares for this selfish creature?

  4. Gen Sahib, Stand by your men.. You are there today because of them.. If you have any self respect, resign from this Government and show solidarity with your troops

  5. Gen VK Singh expects the veterans to obey orders and keep patience. He forgets that he is no more COAS, and is no more in a position to order them He can now only beg for their votes in next elections.

  6. Mr. General, we the veterans are very disciplined and obeyed the orders and patiently waited for 15 months, but you and the prime minister have broken the promise made to the veterans. is it NOT a shame and disgusting on your part for having broken your own promise of implementing the OROP. Because of your failure the veterans have lost faith in your character and individuality the veterans have taken the path of peaceful DHARNA which is our fundamental right as enshrined in our constitution. At least now, you and the P.M as having taken an oath to discharge your duty and responsibility as PROMISED to perform your duty as the cabinet minister &P.M in the service of GOvernment of India and immediately implement the OROP without further delay.

  7. General, It is an utter shame on your part to criticize the veterans after having failed in your promise. We are languishing our lives in poor conditions with our meagre pensions unlike you as an opportunist you have joined the political party in order to enjoy the life by virtue of the credit as a “disciplined soldier”, but it is very unfortunate and unbecoming behaviour of a “disciplined soldier” we the veterans have lost faith in you. At least, now to salvage your image, please takeup our case with Mr. Modi to implement OROP where you too get benefit.

  8. Gen, firstly we were very proud you were elected and won handsomely too. Thus you raised our hopes that our welfare and interests will be addressed. I am not for one to say that you should resign, for we want you to be our voice and fight it at the corridors of power now that you are there yourself. How is it that you expect us to believe that Delhi Municipal guys were on their own to break the rally. do you mean to say that you too believe that some lowly Police officials undertook this initiative. I am sure this was in the full knowledge and backing of the highest of the echelons, who probably wanted to see the tipping point. Probably they wanted some violence so that it would end as they wished. I am not sure what help you rendered in thwarting the completion of the police mission but as the ex COAS, your blood should have also boiled. If it didn’t, then we presume the Chetwode is motto only till one is a veteran and not applicable for ESM who join politics!! I had a lot of regard for you till this episode, but now i feel different, please prove me and all those like me, wrong. Jai Hind and Jai Hind ki Sena.

  9. shame on u … shameless brazen and pathetic comment Mr V K Singh … Now u got MP seats by the blessing of ANNA and blown the IAC movement …. u r good for nothing

  10. General, don’t you know that a wrongful order is more unlawful than not obeying the wrong order? It is an utter shame on you to criticise the veterans.

  11. First thing you should have respected your senior officers’ sentiments who held that the same prestigious posts of Chiefs of GENERALS earlier to you who have written letters to the prime minister advising him to implement OROP and you as a junior to them is it not that you are an INDISCIPLINED fellow as you have not respected/obeyed their order? First , better you mend your behaviour and attitude to towards your senior officers. Your statement is like DEMONS CHANTING THE SERMONS.

  12. As all the veterans of the Indian army were expecting implementation of OROP on 15 Aug 15. My father was amongst the lakhs of ex soldiers’ watching mr Modi’s address to the nation and expecting the fulfilment of a promise. The prime minister said that the new govt has earned around 12 thousand crores from the auction of various spectrums, 1 thousand crore from the auction of bimaru FM only, and thousands of crores of rs from the open bidding system of the coal block auctions which the previous govt could not make. The achievements were high on speech . Now the General says there is no money and keep patience. Again after working with the soldiers of the most patient and most disciplined army in the world with three decades the General couldn’t understand why the veterans can’t wait now. Whatever you gave them to eat , wear they happily obeyed knowing that they deserve more . You told them to fight with the enemy they obeyed knowing that death is inevitable. Your govt announces whopping 1 lakh twenty five thousand crores rs as an election sop . It shows your priorities General. You couldn’t do anything for your soldiers when you were the General which most of the ex Generals also regret but they have no option but you will be a big loser if you can’t correct it in spite of being a part of the govt.

  13. No more servility. Enough is enough. Why this secracy? Why doesn’t BJP come clear on it? General ur troops are on the road – where r u?

  14. You can give such advice because you have nothing at stake general. Patience you did not have on your date of birth case, but you advise it to others! Interesting. If you can do something, do it, otherwise, best to keep quiet.


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