Social media users slam Delhi top cop Bassi for ‘arrogance’ and ‘insensitivity’


A day after his men brutally thrashed students, peacefully protesting against the death of the Dalit scholar Rohit Vemula, the Delhi Police Commissioner, BS Bassi, has stoked fresh controversy by indirectly defending the brutality of his forces.

His tweet posted on Tuesday morning has evoked angry reactions from the twitter users.

His tweet said, “Right to protest coexists with whatJustice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr said -The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.”

His tweet came a day after he post on the microblogging site had said that the Delhi police would respect free speech as long as long the peaceful assemblies didn’t take place outside Jantar Mantar.

His that statement was also viewed as a sign of utter arrogance of the city’s top cop, who should have been pulling up his forces for the utter brutality against unarmed and peaceful protesters.

Bassi came for scathing attack for his ‘arrogance’ and ‘insensitivity’ when he told a channel that he had not seen the footage of his force’s brutality even hours after the video had truly gone viral.

This is how twitter users have reacted to his latest statement perceived to be smacking of visible arrogance, which is bereft of any remorse for what the men in uniform did on Monday.


  1. Why are the students doing “peaceful” protest?? When such assholes are beating the shit out of us then shouldn’t the students respond with same language? The no. of students, Mr. Bassi, is far far greater than all your forces combined… Itna bhi na darao ki darr khatam ho jaaye..bco jis din hamara dar khatam ho gaya din tumhare ghar mein ghus ke tumhe maarenge…

  2. आवश्यकता है – महापूरुशॉ के आदर्सो को आत्मसात् करना और अपनी जान की बाजी लगाकर भी उनके आदर्सो की स्थापना करना है . राम,रहीम,ईसा मसीह , कबीर , कृष्णठ , गुरुनानक , मुहम्मद साहिब और सभी मानवतावादियों की कृपा तभी मिलेगी जब उनके मार्ग पर चलेंगे . उनकी कृपा शब्दो , मंदिरो, मस्जीदो, गुरुद्वारो , मठओ , गिरजाघरो चर्चो आदि मे ढूँढना बेमानी होगी . सत्य और न्याय के मालिक की जय हो.


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