Smriti Irani’s former aide allegedly doctored Kanhaiya video, deletes twitter account


A forensic report has revealed that one of Smriti Irani’s former aides had ‘doctored’ videos that accused the JNU students’ leader Kanhaiya Kumar of making anti-India slogans.

India Today reported that the ‘Forensic Audio, Video, Authentication Report’ found two files to be ‘problematic.’

The first video was named as Q1 and titled as ‘Kanhaiya caught shouting anti-India slogans.’ This clip reportedly came from YouTue and was later used by several news channels.

This, the channels had said provided clinching proof of Kanhaiya’s involvement in anti-national? sloganeering.

Second video, named as Q2, according to India Today, was picked up from a URL address ‘shilpitewari.’

Shilpi Tewari, an active twitter user in flying the flag for Sangh ideology on twitter and known for trolling anybody critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government, was a campaign manager of Irani during Lok Sabha election in Amethi.

Tiwari has since then deleted her twitter account and gone underground.

Such is Tewari’s proximity to Irani that social media has been abuzz with allegations that HRD Ministry had relaxed the rules to employ Tiwari as a consultant ‘at a fee of Rs 35,000 per month.’ (See the meeting note below).

The meeting note below is now being widely shared on twitter in the wake of new revelation of Tewari’s alleged involvement in doctoring Kanhaiya video.


In its conclusion, the forensic report has said that ‘abrupt changes were found in the pitch and the intensity contours….indicating that the recording is not authentic.”

However, Indian Express reported that three out of the seven video clips of the alleged ‘anti-national’ sloganeering in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on 9 February, examined by the Delhi government, had been found to be ‘doctored.

The video samples were sent by the Delhi government to Truth Lab in Hyderabad. On 13 February, the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi had ordered the District Magistrate in the capital to file a factual report about the incident, following conflicting claims of different parties shouting allegedly anti-national slogans on the JNU campus.

  • Prerna Malhotra

    Is Rs. 35,000 / per month a big sum for her capabilities??

    • Himanshu

      Of course. A 12 year old kid can produce a better doctored video these days. 😉

    • Lokesh

      1. 35K appears as a first step to get into the organisation
      2. As Kanhaiya said in his 23 minute speech, these guys will do anything for an interview/job especially if leads to a government one.

    • max

      may not be…
      but read ‘it was proposed that initially she may be appointed….and relaxation in qualifications of Ms. Shilpi Tiwari may be approved..’ That surely sounds wrong.

  • Shan

    Photoshop is the life blood of sanghi ideology… they can’t even remain relevant without manipulation…

  • janta ka commentar

    Shame on such a system where an innocent is being targeted by everyone. Even the lawyers punished him before he was convicted and you all boast on such a law system, such a judiciary… Kanhaiya’s case is a blot on entire Indian system.

  • Gunasekar

    the twitter account seems to exist

    • Mangal Laguri

      Yes. Twitter account seems to be existing, but it has suddenly stopped tweeting on 27.02.2014. The owner of the tweeter handle posted one lengthy article in praise of Smirti Irani, denouncing Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, on Huffinggumpost(dot)com. The author has provided her tweeter handle.

      If police wants, they can locate the person behind the tweeter handle without any difficulty.

      It seems shilpi tewari or shilpi tiwari is the same person.

      • trèsDiplomatique

        She has not “suddenly” stopped tweeting, dim wit.
        The tweeter account exists and she explicitly tweeted she off some where.

        • bobby Joseph

          Yeap “she of” her head!! That is not “somewhere” that is “Nowhere”!! Who are the 31% of India who voted for these clowns is what the “people want to know?? They are the real Dim Wits!!

          • HailYehova

            the remaining 69% couldn’t make their leaders get even 50% of the total seats. so i guess they are the Dim Wits. i guess u are one of the 69%

          • bobby Joseph

            Ahh there you are!! The 31% example!! Tell me did you get that logic while you were at Yale with Smriti or is it just natural talent??

          • vasu12345


          • Devika Jayakumari

            Aha, trying to turn the page, eh? Your minister is a liar, a cheat, and totally anti-Indian – who can’t see that there are also indians who worship Mahisurs. She is ill-behaved, ill-read, and can’t think for nuts, all she can do is dress up, pout and play act! And you dare teach us about nationalism? Get lost!

          • vasu12345

            once again you i have given reply see it i donot blame ladies

          • Sridhar Kanchi

            no body ill-behaved like u. where indian army guarding at -45 degrees temperatures against intruders, these loafers are giving slogans in the heart of india. do u ever think what they soldiers think about us, what impressions will they receive on such activity. india no need to have enemy from out side, it is enough to have such people within india. if u have jealous about indian gods, then go to pakistan and give slogans against indian gods, do u ever think what it affect the people who preach them. india ko hazaar tukde kardenge is a pro-national slogan. do not politicize every issue. think with larger interestes of the nation. behave like an indian. in the name of expression dont ill treat ur mother land. if such people ever given such slogans against any country when they live over their, go knows what happens to them. it never be in favour to india. very bad thoughts. .. if the govt was not doing the right things, they y dont u concentrate on them. think ur self… come out of the box where u r and see what happening around u. but do not judge the whole with a 1 or 2 incidents.

          • Rambo

            There are several million people living in sub zero temperatures in the world living normal life. Not just Indian Army. I don’t know why you are glorifying the most corrupt army in the world, Because they come under ‘patriot’ category none questions them and their behavior. Everything they do is forgiven. The way they acquire the hardware most of which is junk. Their atrocities against civilians. Using subordinates wives as sex workers. There is no accountability in all three forces. Once they retire, none cares them. STOP GLORIFYING INDIAN ARMY.

          • Sridhar Kanchi

            now its proved by ur words… traitors and intruders are inside india. im proud to be an indian always…yes, u r right there are many countries in the world and people who are living at sub zero temperatures. but they did not give slogans against their own country in any manner. if they do, u found them dead either in china, pakistan or in usa as for the knowledge i have.because im a common indian man. u preach pakisthani army, china .. we dont blame u. because ur freedom of expression is above all things in india. talking to atrocities… just do u known about kashmiri pandits… and whats thier pain..and y they left their homes in kashmir and living in tents…. who are the bastards did it with them.. who are announcing from the masjids and warned pandits either accept islam or leave ur wives and face death… if u have any accountability for their pain and how many pandits killed and the number of women raped by these people….ask pandits what happend to them. ask them why they left their homes in kashmir and what caused them to leave the valley… . u people never wants to know this truth.. please ask ur loyalties as a common human being. i think u r more intellectual than me by any mean. im a common indian man.. mr rumbo…sorry rambo…. then u question my intigirity.. atleast im having loyalty towards my nation…

          • Tarit Das

            No sensible Indian had raised any slogan praising Pakistan. The charges against Kanhaiya, Khalid or Anirban were baseless as it was made on the strength of a video allegedly doctored by some dubious entities. It is a mere ploy to distract attention of the Indian public from the failure of Modi to live up to his highly rhetoric speech and high promises of bringing good days as a part of election agenda.

          • Naveen Kapoor

            Mr Sridhar Kanchi, who stopped Congress, BJP, Indian Army or for that matter people like you, Anupam Kher and other people from killing those who thrashed out Kashmiri Pandits. Were we all waiting till now to make a statement about their plight… How many kashmiri pandits families do you know?? Some were also saved by noble hearted Muslims.. and by the way, the Union Govt for whom I also voted to get rid of Congress, also collaborated with PDP which is a known sympathiser of Afzal Guru and take sides with so called ‘Separatists’ and not ‘Terriorists’ because Mr Vajpayee chose to call them separatists? They raise Anti India Slogans on a daily basis… Just go to Kashmir to witness all of that yourself.. What anti-national or sedition cases have been filed so far or shall I say no guts to file ?? And for that matter, can you show us all, what actions have been initiated to ensure safe return of Kashmiri Pandits back to valley with their properties, etc.?? I would really wish to know that…

          • Lulun Hgs

            Do not speak on behalf of Indian Army, they do not protect your idiotic nationalism!
            And certainly not your argument.

          • AG

            Absolutely baseless comment. Bringing in soldiers when it is not necessary at all. We all are Indians … and i am an atheist don’t believe in God or religion be it be any God – Hindu or Muslim or Christian. These guys whenever they loose they say go to “Pakistan” seems that’s the only place available to go. We will stay right here in India and criticize the worthless government. This “kanchi” type guys are real problem to India who pose fake nationalism. As I always say – Patriots are the ones who is proud of the country for what it does and nationalist are the ones who supports the country no matter what it does.

          • Lakshmi Prasad

            You are dumb having voted for the looser .I.

          • bobby Joseph

            Ah I can see you went to the same school as Smriti. Irani!! Ache do do!!

          • Dhananjaya Das


          • Sridhar Kanchi

            bcoz u r all went with sonia and their allies who did tons of scams.. only reason to support is both of u are worshipping a same god rather thinking vast national intersts. they all are very good for u even they did, 2G scam, coal scam, national herald scam, priyanka hubby robert vadhra alleged involvement with dlf in land deals. what ever u name it, they had, number of dalits were dead in their they dumb at that time, now everybody came to hyderabad, what they did when nirbhaya was gangraped in delhi, no body talks about this, an idiot gives anti national slogns, goons in jnu, they went to support them. everything politicises rather for solutions. shame on them….

          • bobby Joseph

            Blah blah blah from the 31%!!! Take a break from the office bhai!! No one is buying the bada , ache Din makingup fake videos and telling lies in parliment and believing false tweets from jokers! Let’s face it not much talent in your team!!

          • Irshad

            And all those scamsters are behind the bars now?

          • Lulun Hgs

            Doyou even know what is national interest?
            Promoting religious hatred and spreading racial discrimination?
            Is your ‘national interest’ that of UP, MP, RAJASTHAN, GUJ., MAHA. only?

            Did you ever go to school?

            And is your solution breaking India up till only Guj becomes India?

          • Zulfiqar Ali

            And Kerala; Chandy is not resigning for solar scam? even after HC has directed police to file FIR?

          • bobby Joseph

            Oh and what does that have to do with this? Don’t try to changethe. Subjec!If you are one of the 31% just admit it! Everybody is allowedto make mistakes! Don’t worry India is a democracy for illiterate ministers, voters, and other crazies!! Ache Din for the dimwits!!

        • Devika Jayakumari

          Shut up for once. Your lying, cheating Minister and PM who has made all voters fools! Yeah you are right -we are all dimwits having voted you to power.

  • Raj

    The young students had been booked for sedition on Doctord was conspiracy of ABVP and entire modi govt supported it


    क्या किसी देवी का काला साया है इस देश के युवाओं पर?
    मधु किश्वर ने ‘काला जादू’ की तरफ इशारा किया तो था, लेकिन तब हम तर्कवादी थे, लेकिन जो हो रहा है उसे देख देख कर अब वहमी हुए जा रहे हैं.

  • Salim lakdavala

    The country whose education minister is such a foolish and immoral.then nothing to say

  • Sreekant

    “A forensic report has revealed that one of Smriti Irani’s former aides had ‘doctored’ videos that accused the JNU students’ leader Kanhaiya Kumar of making anti-India slogans”
    Now this is strange.. Since when did a technical team become public investigators. How did they find out that this lady was involved in the doctoring process? Their job is to simply find out if video is authentic or not.
    Only India Today has access to that report and somehow even they didn;t publish this news but this JantaKaReporter got this news.

  • rayapfr

    If video tampering is true, then Shilpi Tiwari should be booked under Information Technology crimes Act and also should be booked for sedation case as she tried to spread hatred within citizens using tampered video. Also she tried to derail the police investigation & justice course of action as well.
    I understand her act would not have happened without ABVP, Union ministers & Delhi Police knowledge. So all those who are involved should be brought to book for hatching conspiracy against student(s).

  • thesteelguy

    it’s not the same person. surnames differ. stop lying.

    • veekay08

      U go back to ye permanent address -gutter 420.

      • thesteelguy

        kis gutter ka joke marra tu hahaha

        • veekay08

          KDK, yeh tujhe “joke” lag raha hai?

          • thesteelguy

            aur nahin toh kya

          • veekay08

            Ab to teri bilkul hi phat gayee hai.

          • thesteelguy

            apna haal mere pe kyun daalra.

          • veekay08

            Tere jaisa haal kisi ka bhi nahi ho sakta hai KDK.

          • thesteelguy

            muuh chalta rahiyo aisa. 🙂

          • veekay08

            Aur bhonk aur apni asliyat dikha. Lagta hai mirchi ab aur zyaada andar chali gayee hai.

          • thesteelguy

            theek bhai theek. dikhra kaun bhaukra 🙂

          • thesteelguy

            a truly horrible joke at that.

          • veekay08

            Kyun apni phati hui ko chupa raha hai?

    • Rajkumar Mutnal Bangalore

      Let the through investigation be conducted on this person. You’re not a CBI to defend her but the probe will find the actual person behind these doctored video cliffs.

      • thesteelguy

        ‘innocent until proven guilty’

        i’m not the one making the claim in the first place, sir.

        • vasu12345


        • Jeet

          kumar was charged guilty and asked to prove his innocence. the principle u mention didnt apply to him,

          • thesteelguy

            no noone can arrest without prima facie evidence.

            read up on what the high court judge said while granting him bail. stop being obtuse.

  • Chopra TP

    JantaKaReporter is a News Doctoring Organisation run by Rabid attack dog of AAP @RifatJawaid. Never trust 1 word they say.

    • Chopra TP

      Why did AAP govt sent JNU videos to an unaccredited private lab in Hyderabad named Truth Labs instead of The Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) which is located right there in New Delhi? Truth Lab is an Unaccredited private shop run by #AK420’s friends who have doctored results before. You can check to see it isn’t even certified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)…

  • hariom meena


  • Pd

    AAP ka reporter

  • vasu12345


    • Devika Jayakumari

      That is your specialisation, you liars and cheats! Don’t try to fool us – your minister revealed your true colours in parliament. In fact I am so ashamed that goons and liars now represent all Hindus!

      • vasu12345

        devika ji be a woman i respect you. come here to prove that i am jansanghi r bjp r rss why do u blame all those oppose only janasanghi, behave in a polite manner i am aamaadmi and i hate all parties includng AAP too

      • vasu12345


  • veekay08

    SATYA MEVA JAYATE – TRUTH ALONE PREVAILS. This Irani-jo-kabhi-virani thi has to go. MUST GO. She has bben a monumental disaster. Why did feku-gappu-hawabaaz-jumlebaaz Modi pick her as HRD minister is a such a shame that no one can defend his judgement for appointing a TWICE DEFATED woman as the cabinet minister.

  • Rajkumar Mutnal Bangalore

    Can HRD minister answer these doctored cliffs? Look at the wickedness committed at JNU by the HRD minister? Despite all this, why was she so emotional? Was there any serial suiting going on in the Rajya Sabha? Shilpi Tiwari must be produced before the court. However we’re not to condone those involved in anti-sloganeering!

    • vasu12345


  • Nitish Kumar

    PURE pack of lies as Janta Ka Reporter always known for.

    Twitter account is there and exists even now. The mentioned videos are merely shared by her while first reported by Times now.

    • Trahimum

      And Mr. Sambit Patra of BJP shared the video first on Times Now…
      Mr. Sambit patra might be involved as well!!!
      Seriously…looks like whole BJP team is busy only in these activities!!!

      • Chopra TP

        Why did AAP govt sent JNU videos to an unaccredited private lab in Hyderabad named Truth Labs instead of The Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) which is located right there in New Delhi? Truth Lab is an Unaccredited private shop run by #AK420’s friends who have doctored results before. You can check to see it isn’t even certified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)…

  • Cibi Thomas

    what a fate !!!!!

  • shashwat

    How to quickly spot a bhakt in a comment thread ? Look for ALL CAPS text. They cannot do a thing without being loud and dramatic. Any reference to Ms. Irani is purely coincidental.

    • vasu12345

      SHASHWAT I DONOT KNOW TYPING IT IS MY HABIT TO TYPE ALL CAPITALS BUT WHY YOU PEOPLE BLAME ALL R BJP R RSS R HINDUTVA FELLOWS READ MY OPINION ON EGALATARIANISM ON THESE POSTS. i support it but division of nation i oppose ,why we should not empower UNO to enact and rule the world. Equal rules equal rights, equal economy to all people present on earth without religions and without regions.bringing unilateral decisions.THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY I DONOT WANT TO HURT PEOPLE HERE I WANT RECALLING POWER TO CHECK ERRING POLITICIANS

  • bigboss

    her place should be Tihar jail and not her home, police should find her immediaely , like they were hunting for JNU students, where is modi, rajnath and delhi policenow
    can court take a suo moto against her now, as they took when haryana was burning and reprimanded haryana govt to give the report about the 10 women raped during recent violence in haryana

  • Sandeep Thomas

    Shilpi Tiwari tweeted on Feb 20th? The videos seems to be circulating since Feb 13 – so how is she guilty?

    • vasu12345


  • Ganga King

    Maun Modi his following criminal methods to accuse some one innocent. What an India all about under modi?

  • The account was not available at that time. Most probably it was suspended or deleted. But suspended accounts won’t come back, so there are high chances that the account was deleted for a while. Thanks

    • vasu12345

      it is there i just checked it what a lie

  • Azeez Siddiqui

    now BJP pariwar will dis-assocate itself from her. as RSS did every time in the past.

  • Prashant Singh

    Moronic article , the handle still exists and this is certainly a fake news article to malign the HRD ministry

  • Amar

    bhagoda ka team hai ….mard nahi saab…….
    na mard hai…56″ ka sheena ????

  • vasu12345

    still it is there why this type of propaganda against her when i posted all her tweets till 29th feb it was deleted