Smriti Irani’s deputy brazenly confirms his govt will saffronise not just education but the entire country


He’s Smriti Irani’s junior in HRD ministry and has often courted controversy for his racist and Islmophobic speeches.

Ram Shankar Katheria has now confirmed what many leaders in the BJP so far refused to admit publicly for the fear of international condemnation and losing acceptability in the wider section of Indian society.
The Minister of State for HRD was addressing a function at the Lucknow University to celebrate ‘Hindvi Swaraj Diwas Samaroh’ to mark the 342nd coronation year of Shivaji. His remarks are likely to lend further ammunition to the opposition to attack the Modi government.

Katheria, who along with Irani is responsible for leading on India’s education policy, made stunning admission on Saturday saying that Narendra Modi government was working towards saffronisation of education in India.

Addressing a programme on Saturday, Katheria said, “Shiksha mein bhi Bhagwakaran hoga, desh mein bhi Bhagwakaran (saffronisation) hoga.Jo desh ke liye achcha hoga wo zaroor hoga, chahe Bhagwakaran ho ya Sanghwaad ho, kuch bhi ho. (Not just education but the entire country’s saffronisation will take place. Whatever is good for the country will happen. Whether that is saffronisation or spreading the ideology of Sangh). We’ve seen it for far too long. We never accused anybody. But the circumstances have changed now.”

The junior HRD minister appeared so angry against Muslim rulers in the history that he mistook Subhash Chandra Bose as Maharana Pratap.

He said, “if we don’t teach the history of Rana Pratap and Maharana Subhash ji in our syllabus, then do you think we should teach about Ghengis Khan?”

Not so long ago, Katheria was in news when he threatened the Uttar Pradesh administration to cause large-scale bloodshed if charges of hate speech were not withdrawn against him and his associates from militant Hindu outfits.

On 29 February, while addressing a rally in Agra, Katheria had also threatened to kill Muslims.

(Video: ANI)


  1. abe oye chutiya janatakareporter don’t send me any notification here onwards. Warnaa daat tod dunga…. Saale media prostitute loag ho tum bar bar invitation bhejte ho

  2. The saffronistation of India will result in killing of non Hindus or they fleecing to other countries, but the good liberals Hindus will suffer the most, as happenings in isis control of Muslim areas, when Muslims are killed by isis,

    • Really? Of all countries in Asia & middle east put together india has the best record in terms of treatment of minorities. Ironically more people have been jailed under charges of terrorism both false & proven under congress than BJP. But realistically BJP has not had that much of a chance because they’ve never had a chance before 1998 or after 2004 till now.
      Among the islamic community here, Muslims here are not & cannot be accused of being infidels, unbelievers, non-practicing muslims. There is no one checking, asking or comparing them in terms of good, bad or better muslims which is exactly what happens in the middle east. That the middle-east islamic theocracies only persecute non-muslim minorities is not true. They also persecute muslims who differ from their beliefs or simply disagree with them based on even things trivial. Anyone can be accused of apostasy, heresy or being an infidel or kafir/kuffar. This video illustrates it all But that said the wahabis who are the strictest interpreters & follow the most literal version of islam till guys like al-queda & ISIS came along, even these guys are grappling, considering, reforming & reinterpreting(called bidah or religious innovation) islam,state-craft, to include modern-secularism(primitive form of secularism is already there in the form of dhimmi-jizya), modern ideas, indiviadualism & independent thought, freedom of thought & speech, scientific teaching instead of selecting teaching of subjects, context & content, etc.
      And these guys have the worst human right record ever on all levels & counts till the taliban, al-queda & ISIS came along because they were worse than these guys forcing these guys to reconsider extremism of all forms. Suicide bombers called as martys or jihadis till recently have been called as commiting suicide while killing innocents after they started using the same tactics of human suicide bombing.
      here is an imam chastising the arabs for so many things

      It has to also be said there are thinkers like ibrahim albleahy who sit on the saudi shura, the religious consultative council, who are all devout muslims, now recommending massive changes for socio-politico-economic change & bringing about modern secularism & separation of powers(they have already implemented a primitive version which is a slight improvement & difference over the Shura given in quran).
      We, one of the biggest successes considering how diverse we are, are thinking about regressive policies. State-craft needs work whether it is rethink, reform, refinement, revocation, revolution, reaffirmation or whatever including religion. With islam it is harder since it is going through all this in the modern age & in the age of social media & internet not quietly like judaism, hinduism & christianity being the most recent on a n international scale. Even sikhism went through changes before our sikh went to other countries to serve in their armies & polices forces along with the right to ear their pagdis. All religions have their horrible parts & periods & go through reformation. The more the resistance the higher the human cost. SO how about sittingm reading & understanding history a little better for better lessons for the sake of your children at least! Thank you jai hind!

  3. These rascals can never survive for five more years.Their ant country Humanity policies will dash them down to ground

  4. The wrong interpretation and wicked fanatical spirit of “saffronization”led to the killing of the “Father of the Nation”.Please protect the Nation!

  5. what is world safforization what it mean. what it’s harm for society before say some shit remember seffon is not wear by bjp or rss it’s a Holy cloth of hindus sant


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