Smriti Irani trolled for Rs 1,000 donation to BJP using Narendra Modi’s mobile app


Union Minister Smriti Irani is one of the few cabinet colleagues of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has often been a favourite amongst online trolls. She is also perhaps the only high-profile minister at the Centre, who has been shunted out of her ministry thrice since Modi became India’s prime minister in May 2014.

Smriti Irani

Irani currently holds the Textile Ministry after her controversial term as Union HRD Ministry and Union I&B Ministry in the past.

The controversial minister on Monday took to Twitter to inform her followers how she had donated Rs 1,000 to her party, the BJP, using the mobile app of Modi. Flaunting her ‘generosity,’ Irani wrote, “Once again on the occasion of Dhanteras,  I used the NaMoApp to donate Rs 1,000 to the BJP. You should also contribute to the development of building a new India.” She concluded her tweeted with a hashtag #MyBJPMy Donation.

Among other details, the screenshot shared by Irani had the amount clearly stated. However, the email address and mobile number were deliberately hidden for privacy protection. Another striking feature of the screenshot was that the minister was set to avail a tax exemption even on her modest donation to her party.

No sooner had Irani posted her tweet, she began to face another round of incessant trolling. While some made fun of her decision to donate just Rs 1,000 to the BJP, others slammed her for flaunting her generosity. User Rangeela Raja wrote, ” Rs 1,000 is too less. You are donating Rs 1,000 to a party, which made you a minister.” “It’s better to donate Rs 100-200 to poor than giving Rs 1,000 to an already rich party,” wrote user SNZ. User Amjad Maruf tweeted, “Deduct 1000 from the 15 lakhs as promised by the PM..”

There were many users, who reminded her how the demonetisation decision by PM Modi two years ago had ruined the financial capabilities of a large section of India’s middle-class. On 8 November, India will mark the second anniversary of what many term was the demonetisation disaster.


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