Smriti Irani, Prinyanka Chaturvedi ‘fight’ on social media after Congress spokesperson gets rape threat


On Friday,  reported how the Mumbai-based Congress spokesperson, Prinyanka Chaturvedi, had received threat of ‘Nirbhaya-like’ rape and ‘bruta murder’ by a right-wing Twitter troll.

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She wrote, “When @priyankac19 is trolled, it is an attack on ‘dignity of women’but poisonous slander against @smritiirani is acceptable.”

In response, Chaturvedi told Vaidya to ‘cut the crap’ as the threat was of very serious nature and she was struggling to even get rape and murder threat investigated by Mumbai Police, which reports to the state’s BJP government.

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This tweet by Chaturvedi prompted Irani to issue clarification that she didn’t have Z-security.

“@priyankac19 I don’t have Z security Madam.”

Chaturvedi said that she was unaware of the internal workings of the Union Home Ministry and had read about Z security given to Irani in newspapers. She then slought confirmation from Irani if she didn’t have any security at all. This tweet then led to angry Irani reminding Congress about Assam and also if the Congress spokesperson was planning anything (to harm the minister’s interest).

“Madam I don’t know the internal workings of Home Ministry, i go as per newspaper reports. I presume no security at all then.”

An unfazed Chaturvedi then quipped, “Not worth my time , so don’t worry on that front @smritiirani , you must concentrate on creating another campus ruckus.”

In response Irani invoked Assam adding that creating ruckus in campuses was Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi’s forte. And if you thought, this would have silenced Chaturvedi, you are wrong.

The Congress spokesperson replied saying that ‘Repeatedly losing and yet becoming a minister in the cabinet is your forte.”

She too wished the HRD minister a glorious day.




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