Smriti Irani confirmed precisely what BJP government is accused of; Majoritarianism, Intolerance and Muzzling dissent


Abhishek G Bhaya

Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani, while making an impassioned speech during the Lok Sabha debate on JNU row and Rohith Vemula suicide case on Wednesday, made an intriguing reference to Goddess Durga and Mahishasura.

However, in invoking Hindu mythology to prove a point on ‘anti-national’ activity, she confirmed precisely what the BJP government is being accused of – 1) Majoritarianism 2) Intolerance and 3) Muzzling dissent.

Here’s what happened…

To bolster her government’s case against ‘anti-national’ activities on the JNU campus, Ms Irani cited how pamphlets for an event to mark ‘Mahishasura Martyrdom’s Day’ were circulated in the university and that the notice bore the name of, among others, JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar who is facing sedition charges.

To elaborate on the matter, Ms Irani went on to quote from a 2014 statement allegedly by some SC, ST and minority students of JNU:

“Durga Puja is the most controversial racial festival, where a fair-skinned beautiful goddess Durga is depicted brutally killing a dark-skinned native called Mahishasur. Mahishasur, a brave self-respecting leader, tricked into marriage by Aryans. They hired a sex worker called Durga, who enticed Mahishasur into marriage and killed him after nine nights of honeymooning during sleep.”

A visibly outraged Ms Irani then roared: “Freedom of speech, ladies and gentleman. Who wants to have this discussion on the streets of Kolkata? I want to know. Will [Congress Vice President] Rahul Gandhi stand for this freedom? I want to know… What is this depraved mentality? I have no answers for it.”

She also dared the Trinamool Congress on the subject. “I miss today [Trinamool MPs] Sugata Bose and Saugata Roy in the House – champions of free speech, because I want to know if they will discuss this particular topic… on the streets of Kolkata. I dare them this.”

Accusing the Communists of using students as weapons against state, she asserted that anti-national slogans cannot be allowed under the garb of freedom of speech.

‘Descendants of Mahishasur’

It is not clear if Rahul Gandhi or the Trinamool and Communist leaders will take up Ms Irani’s challenge, but let me make an attempt to put things in perspective.

According to popular Hindu mythology, Mahishasura was a demon king who posed a major challenge to the Devas (gods). Armed with a boon from Brahma that no man will be able to kill him, Mahishasura considered himself immortal. He waged a war against the Devas and defeated their king Indra.

Humiliated and frightened, the Devas approached the trinity of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu requesting help. Goddess Durga manifested from the combined tejas (aura) of the trinity and the Devas. Durga eventually led a battle against Mahishasura and slayed him, fulfilling the prophecy that the demon king would meet his death only at the hands of a woman.

This is the Hindu majoritarian view and the day of Mahishasura’s death is marked as the festival of Vijaya Dashami or Dussehra across India.

But there is a small tribal adivasi community in the Santhal region of Jharkhand, West Bengal and parts of Orissa, who have traditionally held a contrarian view about the Durga-Mahishasur mythology.

The Asur tribe, named so due to their belief that they are the descendants of Mahishasura, offer a different narrative.

They believe Mahishasura to be a strong but benevolent king. He would never lift arms against a woman. So the Devas used a woman, Durga, to plot Mahishasur’s assassination. When the whole of India celebrates Vijaya Dashami – the day that marks the slaying of two Asura kings: Mahishasura by Durga as well as Ravana by Lord Rama, members of the Asur tribe mourn the death of their ancestors.

Read this and this.

Contrarian view isn’t anti-national

So the concept of ‘Mahishasur Martyrdom Day’ is nothing new and certainly not alarming or ‘anti-national’ as Ms Irani would have us believe.

What has happened is that this contrarian narrative, in recent years, has gained traction with other Dalit and minority communities, who want to use the occasion as a symbolic protest against the majoritarian view. Can hosting such an event be considered anti-national?

Lately, some studies have equated the mythological tale with a battle between Aryans (Devas) and natives (Asuras). In these narratives Devas or Aryans are painted negative and therefore Durga, as the agent of Aryans, is also described in shades of grey. Do we really need to get worked up about this?
Look at the danger of the argument forwarded by Smriti Irani. Will she and her party now declare the entire adivasi tribe of Asur as anti-national?

Even Ravana is worshipped

India has had a tradition of accepting all kind of divergent views and providing adequate room for different narratives to exist, even if it is held by a handful of people.

Does Ms Irani know that there are several temples in India, where Ravana is worshipped? Will the ruling party, that swears by the name of Lord Rama, declare Kanyakubj Brahmins as anti-nationals too for they worship Ravana every Dussehra and a special festivity is organised in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh?

Read this and this.

I am not even getting into Zoroastrian sacred texts Avesta, where the entire dynamics of Deva (Daeva) and Asura (Ahura) are inverted. Ahuras epitomize the good while Daevas denote evil. That may render the entire Parsi community as anti-nationals, if Ms Irani’s logic is applied.

The HRD Minister’s diatribe against ‘Mahishasur Martyrdom Day’ as an anti-national idea is on predictable lines of the intolerant right-wing ideologue. It’s a warning that only the predominant or the majoritarian view that have the approval of RSS and its front organization would be accepted. Any divergence or dissent and you could be marked as anti-national.

(The author is a Gulf-based journalist with a keen interest in Indian politics)


  1. Hi janta ka reporter , looking nervous I suppose ? Now thinking what to write or what not. Ask your master Kejri to learn how to make speech like Irani with facts and figures.

    • Master Kejri announced Rs 1 Crore yesterday to Delhi’s defence personnel who lose their lives in line of duty. Meanwhile, a student lost his life due to HRD minister’s actions & she just made a false political speech & Master Kejri promised a job for Rohith’s brother.

      Smriti Irani yesterday claimed in the Lok Sabha that no doctor was allowed near Rohith’s body. Now University of Hyderabad’s Chief Medical Officer M Rajashree has come forward and exposed this claim of Smriti Irani.

      • kejri one hand support terrorist yakoob afzal and all upcming muzzie terroist and when these brother of kejriwal who killes soldiers in name of allah , kejri comes for eye wash by prmising 1 cr only for delhi soldiers. firstly dont support terrorist at least precious life of solider saved. double standard , vote bank dirty politics on cost of life of soldiers and people by bullshitt kejriwal

        • I think you mistaken Kejri for BJP!!
          You should say:
          BJP on one hand supports Afjal by joining hands with PDP, a pro-afjal party in kashmir …..!!!

    • lol at Irani’s facts…….after PM tweets Satyamev Jayate….the doctor who examined and declared Rohith dead is on record today saying that what the minister claims about the doctor not being allowed in is not correct…..Ms.Irani gave a great performance but then it ws just that….a performance.

  2. I agree that the contrary view is not anti-national. There is a misrepresentation here. “Ms Irani went on to quote from a 2014 statement allegedly by some SC, ST and minority students of JNU.” She said SC/ST students opposed an event called “Mahishasur Martyrdom Day” and not organized it.

    • Exactly… They opposed it in October 2014. The students are not even charged for that. The reason she mentioned those facts was to highlight how students are used as political tools

  3. You are invited by Smriti irani Ma’am for debate on the very subject in the streets of kolkata, you seems intelligent enough for it so go for it you bull shit, and take your fathers(Rahul and Kajri) with you so that peoples of kolkata merely kill you with their chappals.

  4. Interesting…. Couple of months back, Something of similar sort was said about a great person belonging to a minority community. The minority community reacted with riots in many parts of East India like malda.. I think it would have been much better if the majority community reacted in a similar fashion rather than following the law

  5. Again the same trick by rotten Intellectuals. One: does the tribal consider Durga is *** worker” . Anyone prasing Mahisasur is not a problem. But calling Devi Mata whoch we millions follow as such derogatory way – Is that what you are ok with. Siggest please come to Kolkata and say so. Second – everyting works on neutrality. Can anyone say similar thing about another religion. I was told some of these JNU members are Atheist. I dare say they can even utter a single word. It is proven beyond doubt that so called intellectuals of India are a rotten lot who have been teaching craps to all of us.

      • HI le ASS, if u feel ur maa is like durga u never have said these words we r taught with discipline and decency not hate. we have seen how a karunamayee and simhavahini looks like if u go and say in vijayawada where durga is stree swarupini representing female energy. you will be lynched without any hesitation (for uttering those words denigrating people who feel she is their mother)by these people . not only in kolkata , in southern part too donot show intellectualism here it is based on beliefs.neither we need kuhana intellectuals who teach hate.when world is walking towards one nation you people want to split by regions and religions . hell with your intellectualism

  6. Is this site ‘Janta’ ka reporter or ‘Jihadi’ ka reporter? How is Smriti Irani’s view muzzling descent? It seems you want her to keep quiet and speak the views of misguided political pawns who have probably been paid by the Hindu hating left and porki nexus. People having contrary views about Hindu culture, as long as they belong to the culture of Bharat are welcome. These third class paid people who will speak nonsense of a revered Indian goddess by calling her a sex worker actually shows the depraved levels which the Hindu hating left can go too. The point is that everyone has the right to free speech but just speaking nonsense against majority views just to test their limits will see the repurcussions.

    • You are stifling descent too, by saying that there are “limits”. And since when did being a sex worker become demeaning?

      • He’s saying it because it is true – there are LIMITS, its there in the Constitution, the Constitution drafted by Ambedkar himself.

        And FYI – if this Maishashur nonsensical story was told from speakers in Kolkata there would be riots for days or maybe even months. That is why the Advisasi quite sensibly practise their beliefs and rituals in seclusion .

        The entire point of this farce is to provoke and instigate the majority – a dangerous and foolish thing. You can’t claim “free speech” after hurling abuses and denigrating people’s faith for your “free speech”. And you can’t suddenly discover “free speech” when after 60 years appeasing Mohammadans by banning Salman Rushdie, removing Tasleema from Kolkatta and doing all kind of nonsense like banning Mohammad cartoons you now come and say Hindus should allow this nonsense because it is “free speech” . What is sauce for the goose should also be sauce for the gander.

        • He is mature enough not to make judgements or try to force one’s own ideals into other peoples lives. And here you are trying to find faults with other what other people do and forcing your stupid morals and principles on others. If you feel that being a sex worker is a bad job you are free to choose some other profession. You don’t have the right to force that opinion on other people. It is their life and they have the right to live it the way they want. As long as they are minding their own business and not causing trouble to you, it is none of your business.

          • I’m not stopping anyone from choosing any profession. I am just trying to point out the “superficial” activism when it comes to liberalism. One set of ideas for others & second set of ideas for us. So if he is OK with the “sex worker” job when his family performs it; then he has every right to promote the idea – “What’s wrong with being Sex Worker?”, but if he applies his ideas only on others, and keeps himself as an exception, then he’s an hypocrite. And for your information, you diverged from the topic – “Sex Worker” was used as an insult in the above article.

          • Did he ever say that he won’t accept if any of his family members become a sex worker? Personally I don’t mind that. You called him a hypocrite even without letting him speak. What next? You will start calling us bad guys because we are OK with our family members becoming sex workers?

          • Photon, I mind my business but can you break into my faith and belief. Should you …? Can I say Jesus is a mother fucker and Mohammad is a Sister Fucker can Muslims and Christians digest this? Understand I am believe in One God be it any. Then I will be blamed Communal, anti-Secular but noone will say I am deprived of “Freedom of Speech”. so, what is freedom of speech … I will go on to say i will fuck you to a girl on street…I just say but no actions … is this allowed. Won’t I be behind bars … but under freedom of speech I can say Anti-National (hurt Nation), Anti- Hindu (hurt the feelings of 75% population) still be free as I just said did not create any violent action ? Is this allowed …

          • BJP and RSS members often make statements about Muslims. Was even a single person arrested for that? I am not blaming them for making the statements. If someone talks like that, you must have the maturity to handle that. If you don’t like that totally, just let them speak and you don’t listen. Mind your own business. If you want you can have a properly moderated verbal argument with the person. But you can’t call that a crime.

          • You just proved your own point. You just insulted women and other religions in your arrogance of being in the government and being a strong male. Does this gives you alone the right to be offended. Do you not feel it is very wrong when a man is murdered for having mutton in his fridge just in the name of religion. In a healthy democracy if there is one dissenting voice it needs to be voiced without fear. Arrogance and pride destroys. That is why Mahatma Gandhi will be respected and only a minority will follow Veer Savarkar. But India gices freedom to followers of both.

        • lol.. Mohammad was a pedo is also a valid point and many muslims who think like this are called kafirs and have been given death treats like Tasleema ,salman rushdie etc. I am sure if people start to think like these ex muslims then this world would be a better place to live..

    • What a delusional moron- so basically you’re saying free speech is okay yet not okay? Go to prison fool, u belong in there

    • And being a Hindu doesn’t make a leftist hate you you pathetic loser..many Hindus are themselves rallying against your shitty brand of stoneage politics welcome to morons are going to get hunted the fuck down

      • mohammad was first child rapist and who raped 6 yr old aisha . and this my freedom of speech u muzzies go fuk ur sister. bloody porki blood., follwer of child rapist mohammad.

        • I just want to tell you that you are wrong about the remarks of Prophet Muhammad. You must read the truth and then say this rubbish. The most pure and true traditions says that Aisha was 17 years old while came in to Nikah (marital contract) of Prophet Muhammad and she was 20 years old while came to Medina and entered in the house of Muhammad as wife. Muhammad is great personality and it could not be happened by Muhammad.

          Please read…….

        • you first have to study before saying anything about any religions
          when you study by hearth and mind i am sure i will accepts ISLAM
          only region. came and accepts Islam my friend for both world
          you will be sissified in sha ALLAH..

        • What has this sort of comment to do with the subject? It is ‘Pro’ Indians like you who sells their flesh that creates communal hatred. The question mark on Shri Durga character was put upon by some tribe who worships the demon as their God. If you feel you are right, feel free to convince them, instead of foul mouthing others for no reason.

    • Very correct. Being at difference never means being anti national but attacking a goddess even after knowing that she is worshipped by a great majority and depicting her a sex worker is an invitation to wrath of the majority. It becomes an intentional move against Hindus because the same guys never dare to whisper any slogan against Muslim rituals and Hamraaj Muhammad sahab.

      • It is true, insulting the belief of any one should be condemned. But this does not mean Smriti can label any one who does not agree with the government as Anti National. By describing them as antinational or traitors in the letter to the VC, the HRD had already decided that Rohith was anti national. That should be decided by an independent impartial judge. Even if Rohith had lived he would have been hounded by the civil society as anti national. The government cannot take sides if people in society have different views. The govt keeps behaving as if it represents one section of society the rest can go to hell(pakistan)

    • The Author is spot on. That is what is India. Unlike some so called Pseudonationalists. All can have their beliefs. No one can impose anything on any one unless it involves loss of Human life!

  7. Good find !! Looking at the title I first thought u will twist and tweak her and prove the title , but u offered clear logic , but sadly I think very few will have so open mind to accept such divergence from the majority view.Our leaders can be only as good as our people understand democracy. But champions and leaders are people made of steel who fight it out and bring progress to society .If Kanhaiya found this out and protested for it ,take ur bets on this guy he knows how to fight marginalisation

  8. I haven’t seen any divergence in views in case of Muslims. Like Mohammed was a pedophile or the forces of Islam were & are expansionists. Or Islam is total plagiarism of Christianity which is in itself a plagiarism of Judaism which is basically a work of fiction.

    • Your name is pretty apt- sach soya, doesn’t that mean the truth sleeps?hahaha moron has hinduism, judaism, Christianity and Islam all mixed up- aao beta I’ll tell you wtf is wrong with your peabrain mentality. First of all the old and original testaments of Christianity and Judaism and Islam preach the same thing.but various kings, and heads of state over the years meddled with Christian and Judaic scriptures hence we have the old testament and new in Christianity. So think ten times before u post bullshit on the internet before you get dogged.

      • Do you suffer from “Dyslexia” – it’s Z not S. Also, I think you took the comment out of context, so that makes you retarded too. First, read the article, then read my comment, and think, and then comment. BTW, from your name it seems you are a Bigot (and already formed an opinion) and already pissed-off (UTD fan).

        • Yeah and the wordplay on your name was meant to point out your fallacy in logic how can u talk Ill about a prophet in someone else’s faith.that’s plagiarism.. No wonder you guys get mocked by your own community. Really sad to see India divided on the inside because of cheap politics..may we be saved

          • Uncle go and search “Zach Soya” on Google. Second I would be the last person to hurt someone else’s religious feeling. If you don’t read my comment in context of the article, you’ll get hurt. I’m making the point that the pseudo intellectuals are very biased with their agenda. And I apologize for making any remarks against the Prophet. I was making remark on the biased nature of the article.

  9. Smriti Irani bring up the Maishasur Martyrdom Day in connection with “Free Speech” – not anti-nationalism. Anti-nationalism is an additional charge a particular instance of abusing “free speech” that JNU and its entire student body are guilty of doing.

    Free speech is not license to peddle “hate speech” or “treasonous speech”.

  10. India has always been a country known for accepting divergent views, but in this context the crux is that all information and logic you have provided does not justify the use of word “sex worker” for a goddess in a religion. As far as I can read and comprehend her statement she didn’t like the way goddess durga was described in the pamphlet and not by the Mahishasura Martyrdom Day concept.

  11. Hahahaha, I didn’t realize jantakareporter was a parody site. But I will humor the author anyway. The reference was made not to defend Durga Puja or Mahishasura but to point out that inciting disharmony on the basis of openly ridiculing another person’s religion or faith is anti-national. No one ever said that Mahishasura martyrdom isn’t to be followed. And in the same way, it is up to the people who follow that to also respect the faith of the people following Durga Puja.

  12. Well written. An incompetent person has been deliberately put up as an HRD minister to wreck any kind of human resources, let alone allow any kind of development. People still think that Modi and RSS are interested in bringing skill development. Rather it is in their interest to develop more Smrits. Nor are the big companies worried as they merely want to loot our national resources not in creating jobs.

  13. Can any of these great minds challenge practices of Islam & Christianity. Never ever; because they know the outcome of it. But Hindus are always targeted under the name of RSS. Are you targeting Hindu religion or RSS or Govt or Your ownself. Shame on Indian poor souls… hating your own self. Ok you are targeting Hindus and RSS, what do you want to achieve…. lets separate J&K, separate North eastern states, separate Punjab, separate rest .. and abolish Hinduism …. and practice Islamism or no ism …

    • LOL. I am a born Hindu. Now an atheist. So I have no bias here. But people from RSS and BJP have made lot of statements against muslims. None of them were even touched. Why over-reacting for this incident then?

  14. i would recommend this gulf-based reporter remain in the gulf and not poke his self-righteous nose attached to his empty skull into indian politics. it is not the contrarian view that smriti irani opposed but way in which it was put forth … downgrading someone else’s figure of faith to uphold your own is not freedom of speech.

    • lol… is still freedom of speech. you can argue whether it is right or wrong but no one should go around muzzling it with force and state intervention. Counter it with rational thoughts expressed through speech.

  15. Ok, but where did Ms. Irani mentioned this to be anti-national Mr. Janta ka Reporter from Gulf with interest in Indian politics?

  16. The British wanted to destroy and plunder India with much more vigor than the Islamic invaders. They knew it was a difficult task and the only way out is to destroy its age old culture, the Gurukula system and Desi cow population. The reconstructions of the Hindu Puranic tales started immediately after winning the Battle of Plassey. This had gone unchallenged most of the time because of indifference, unwilling to argue on something considered as absurd and lack of knowledge of history, epics and Hinduism by modern Hindus themselves. The re-interpretation of the Durga Puja is based on the dubious Aryan Invasion Theory some 4000 years back. Aryan was not a race and there was no Aryan invasion. The Indians have dark complexion. It is a fact that the white skinned Europeans and Arab invaders had subjugated the native population. The religion of white skinned aliens were either Islam or Christianity. The worship of Adi ParaShakti or VanaDurga is a tribal practice. The Ramayana was written by a tribal. VedVyasa was not a Brahmin either. A misleading Evangelist poster read “Shiva kills Jesus saves”, refering the Trimurthy concept in Hinduism where Lord Shiva is the Destroyer

  17. Is this writer for real? Does this POS think it is absolutely fine to use such words against Goddess Durga. This same vile, disgusting creature would be very offended if someone even questioned any tenets of Islam or Christianity.

    • Assumptions,assumptions………..twisted logic….. and that is what our dear netas make use of to build an army of chest thumping pseudo-nationalists.
      Is it ok to offend someone’s faith in Durga…no.
      Is it ok to call anyone not having the same belief anti-national, anti-india?no.

      • The nasty creatures who were called anti nationals were the ones shouting for “Bharat ki barbadi” Anyone who defends these is nasty

        • I fully agree with you. It was nasty. And the nasty people should be identified and punished.Anyone who says that I am not going to brand anybody anti-national unless their crime has been proven is pretty reasonable.And people with twisted logic cannot differentiate who is nasty and who is reasonable.Examples of people who have used twisted logic….our govt k netas,bhakts, some lawyers in supreme court and ABVP and their fountainhead RSS.

  18. If leftists do not believe in Hindu Gods, how can they believe in Mahishasur which is part of Hindu Purans? Many people are saying Muppathi mukodi (Tamil or Malayalam) gods in Hinduism. There is no specific word for that number in English to count Hindu gods. The same number of Asuras are also there. In Hinduism one can worship any God or Asura. Even if you dont worship, then that is also acceptable. But the Western dogmatic religions believe in single god and the faith with total surrender is a must. One misleading Evangelist poster read “Shiva kills Jesus saves”, refering the Trimurthy concept in Hinduism where Lord Shiva is the Destroyer.

  19. Ms. Irani proved that either GOVT is confused with the concept of nationalism or wants to confuse people with the idea of anti-nationalism!!

  20. I dont know what is the problem with our country. Raising these kind of issues and creating a chaos is just a way to downgrade the country’s growth. Has this issue had not been raised by anyone, the opposition would have highlighted it to the maximum extent and blamed the govt for not taking appropriate action. And now when they have pointed it out, the media is twisting the words and creating a huge controversy. Why can’t you let the country be at peace. It is the media and the oppsition that are creating an ‘anti-social’ environment in the country. Instigating situations to the verge of communal roits is just hampering the development of this nation. We need to open our eyes and see that we are living in the 21st century where caste and creed does not matter. A person’s ability, his/her talent defines them. Stop fighting for caste and reservations. The world is way beyond it. You need to step out of your fucking bubble and see the reality. Stop playing the dirty politics. The blame game won’t help!

  21. LOL .. If Hinduism and Hindus would not have been peace loving then these JNU students would have been living under fear of their death by now. Try to defend Kamlesh Tiwaris freedom of speech too My author who said Muhammad was a GAY and then see how you will be kicked out of GULF.

  22. Commies were always and are terrorists and terrorists supporters.. Communist govt under Stalin in Russia murdered millions of poor and helpless natives, just to continue in power.. Communists will destroy democracy and bring in dictatorship. Look at China. No FOE.. If anyone objects they are murdered.. These idiots have no respect for religion.. IN India they are typically anti Hindus..

  23. Ministers sounds very stupid and ignorant. Quoting mythology for her justification itself is diversion tactics. How can a faking, cheating and uneducated Irani know the real facts? Speech was merely a bluffing – because she is citing Mythology which has no historical facts. Such a low level of justification was appalling. Analogy itself is wrong. Is there no intelligent, qualified and dignified person in RSS to head HRD? This lady is making a fool of herself in the ministry.

  24. Communists are atheists. That does not give freedom to encourage disgracing the gods & goddesses of Hindu worship. Who is this Janata Ka Reporeter? Let him have the courage to write some controversy on Islam or Christianity & see if he is going to be arrested/alive? No Hindu hates any other religion . Has tolerance for all other religions of the world. Freedom of expression has limitations of not hurting religious sentiments too? The liberty is lost once you start hurting & harassing others under the garb of Freedom of Speech? Vote Bank politics of past divide and rule years is not going to pay any more dividends as society is educated to understand things.

  25. The very identification of Author of being a Gulf-based religion makes the whole article questionable. Without knowing or trying to understand facts of the speech, you are trying to find logic from every where in the world to prove her wrong. Now from starting,
    1. Her speech doesn’t prove her views to be Majoritarianism, Intolerance and Muzzling dissent. She has pleaded continuously to hear her part, her view and she is putting a line where to stop in name of criticizing our beliefs. She already said that she is not questioning your patriotism, but don’t demean mine.
    2. How can you demean our Goddess to such a level. Dare to do in front of me and i will cut you into pieces without any further argument. If my view is that your mother is a prostitute that how can i be allowed to have my view, even thought it’s my view and i have freedom of expression. Clearly Freedom of expression has limits on this view.
    3. If in certain parts of India, Ravana is worshipped that doesn’t mean someone can demean Lord Rama or Sita. You just worship Ravana for his wisdom or courage but don’t don’t ever try to demean my Lord. Because if you can, I too can say X was son of a whore and Y was born because of pre-marital affair where X and Y would be prophets of certain religion, thus inviting a full fledged war because of religion.
    4. You are totally into Zorastrian’s book Zendavesta, when you quoted the bold statement. They are calling Ahura and deava, Not Ashura and deva. Please understand the difference between both terms. People are trying to portray Ashura as a new Caste and identity,which wasn’t. Please note that Raksha is called by their beliefs, not their caste. Ravana was a Brahamin and Kansha, Shishupal, Jarashand etc. was of same caste of Krishna. God forbid, you can also prove that Krishna was a ashura as he was born in Ahira(you may relate it to Ashura) caste.
    5. We understand that all this is being done to separate SC/ST people from Hindu and you are trying to portray them someone different. So we reject your theory that Ashura was native of this country and Aryans are not. It is irony that people are calling Muslims who came in 1526 as the native of this country but rejecting Aryan who can 5000 years ago here… History of India is written by some foreigners and they have manipulated as per their choice.

  26. plz come to Kolkata… we are waiting for u janta ke reporter… they who wanna worship mahisasur & ravana are free to do that… BUT A UNIVERSITY CAMPUS IS NOT FOR SHIT LIKE THIS!!! WE SEND ALL THESE STUDENTS THERE TO STUDY WITH OUR TAX MONEY, NOT TO DO DESTRUCTIVE POLITICS…

    kamino, kuch toh sharam karo… Muhammad ko gali diya toh Malda mein dange ho gye… Durga ko gali diya to freedom of expression chaiye??

    aajao Kolkata pe, we will show u our freedom of expression…….

  27. If they has discussed about sexual exploits of a christian or muslim God with the Devil/Saitan and celebrated Devil/Saitan as a martyr, would your views would still have been the same? Would you then have wanted the Government to act or not? It seems that the interests and dignity of the majority community should just be buried deep for everyone else in this country to feel secure. Ravana and Mahishasura are not comparable. If you weren’t doing flash research for your stupid article, you would know the difference already.

    The reference to the incident is apt because it evokes unnecessary disturbance in the society by trying to shame a whole community by demeaning its Deity. Which of those celebrating were from that tribe in orissa? If they were not related what was the need for celebrating mahishasura martyrdom day if not to embarass another community?It is anti-national because of the feelings it invokes, for the possible unrest it may result in. For the loss of property and life it may cause in the ensuing madness that this country in known for in the past.

    Stop wallowing in your “Oh I am so intelligent”, “Oh I am so secular” and “Oh I know everything about this Government and it is my enemy” and try to have an objective mind before just spewing venom at every possible opportunity.

  28. This is a bigoted attempt that miserably failed to derail what is a great work by smriti irani. Don’t want to waste my time writing more on this

  29. Can this writer who is living in Gulf where Islamic theocracies dominate, say a word against Islam? I bet this guy far from speaking a word against Islam will actually shout Allah O Akbar to prove his Islamic credentials.

  30. I went through some of the literature online relating to this. The belief system of tribes is far more in understandable terms than perverted conversion of the issue in JNU students pamphlets. The same trend is observed in state universities like Osmania in Hyderabad. Diverging views must exist and that is the essence of our culture but exploiting them for flaring up hatred is highly condemnable.

  31. Abhishek bhai very bold article … I would like to add the reference of AJAYA – the Epic of Kaurava Clan which put a different prospective of the characters of Mahabharat, Duryodhan being the Hero of Social justice and Pandavs the racists… A Temple in Kerala established by Duryodhan have a Dalit Priest and with no statue of any hindu God… these people worship Duryodhan…

  32. its fine to worship Mahisasura. those who aren’t aware of Durga Puja they should know its not a festival for upper castes and has gone tremendous social reforms to include all walks of society. Mahishasura although being a demon is worshiped along with the Durga. Because there is both God and demon worship in Hinduism. But the Mahishasura Martyrdom Day is not a festival its a politically motivated festival to counter so called majoritarian view. A particular sectarian practice is used as a political tool in JNU with twisted versions of the Mahishasura mythology. This is a deliberate attempt by the so called class who call themselves backward. Their mentality shows why they are backward. The Santhals of WB Jharkhand and Orissa also participate in Durga Puja, at least in Bengal. I cannot say about other states but in Bengal the festival is more popular because of its unanimous festive spirit not only for the folklore or spiritualism and Hindu society is not rigid to not accommodate counter views and worshiping. But if this counter worshiping a demon is used as a political and ideological tool to twist myths and include hatred and voyeuristic elements then its derogatory and also inflammatory incitement against the entire Hindu community, also for the Santhals who worship Lord Maharashtra out of their folklore. Smriti Irani has quoted the voyeuristic mentality of those students who justify their twisted thought process to stay backward in the society. These anti social elements should be prosecuted for defaming Indian culture.

  33. Yes Dalits can use the mahishasura Martyrdom Day to worship and commemorate the tribal ritual but they do not have the right to distort mythological facts to serve their political and anti Hindu hatred. Tomorrow if someone commemorates and worships Satan twisting Biblical or Koran texts then will it be acceptable?


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