Peeth peeche kaayar bolte hai, Smriti Irani in twitter spat with Sagarika Ghose over ‘blasphemous’ comment


Union HRD Minister, Smriti Irani, was embroiled in yet another twitter spat with a journalist on Thursday.

This after she put up a defence for her cabinet colleague and Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, for his alleged role in Delhi District Cricket Association corruption on Thursday.

Addressing media, Irani said that allegations of corruption against Jaitley were ‘blasphemous and preposterous.’

A visibly angry Irani warned that people must not use their right to freedom of speech was in no way an indication of freedom to create anarchy adding that the BJP and the central government “resolutely stands behind” the finance minister who has an “impeccable” political record.

Aam Aadmi Party has been stepping up attack against Jaitley demanding his resignation. Irani was responding to the charges made by AAP leaders in a press conferece held in Delhi’s Constitution Club.

Irani’s use of word ‘blasphemous’ did not go unnoticed by social media users. Sagarika Ghose, a consulting editor with Time Group, tweeted questioning whether it was appropriate to use this word as the word meant ‘an act of insulting God.’

Her tweet said, “Smriti Irani says charges are “blasphemous”! Erm..blasphemy? As in an act of insulting God?”

Within hours Ghose’s tweet had gone viral with it being shared over 1300 times.

Angry Irani responded by saying, “mujhse kuch kehna hai to tag me, Peeth peeche kaayar bolte hai. Have a good day.”

She didn’t stop here. Her next tweet explained why the use of the word ‘blasphemous’ was justified.

Ghose replied, “Perhaps we need some Pakistan-style blasphemy laws, then?”

Irani responded offering the journalist an opportunity to do ‘1 0n 1’ interview instead of engaging in ‘banter.’

She said, “Madam it’s obvious you want to engage in banter. Best if you schedule a 1 on 1 interview, will answer every question. Till then I’m sure you have work to do as do I. ”

Ghose accepted Irani’s offer for an interview, but not before quipping that the use of words such as ‘blasphemous’ was indicative of ‘talibanisation’ of public discourse.

She said, “love to! Use of words like `blasphemy’ shows a talibanisation of our public discourse which to me is v dangerous. (sic)”

Irani, once again wasted no time in replying, but accused the journalist of indulging in ‘melodrama.’

Her concluding tweet read;

Ghose, it seems, too had lost interest in this twitter conversation by then. She too signed off by saying, “Thank you for the conversation. Have a good evening.”

Irani is known to take on journalists on twitter in the event that she finds anything objectionable. Not so long ago, she had indulged in another twitter spat with a journalist from Economic Times after she found the content in a report published in the newspaper was ‘factually incorrect.’


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