Education Minister Smriti Irani thinks addressing a woman as ‘dear’ is wrong, Twitter users poke fun


The Twitter conversation between two education ministers on Tuesday took an interesting twist over the objection being raised to the use of the word ‘dear.’

Bihar’s education minister, Ashok Choudhary, took to Twitter to ask Union HRD Minister, Smriti Irani about the new education policy.

New Delhi : Union HRD minister Smriti Irani at a press conference at BJP headquarters in New Delhi on Tuesday. PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist (PTI3_15_2016_000248A)

His tweet read, “Dear Smriti Irani ji, if you get some time off from politics and speeches, then do pay some attention to the education policy as well.”

Known for being very active on social media, Irani replied, “Ashokji, since when you started addressing women as dear.”

Choudhary decided to ‘educate’ the country’s education minister by saying that it was a basic courtesy to start an official correspondence with Dear.

Irani replied stating that she expected to be addressed as ‘adarniye (Respected)’ instead.

A user attempted to remind the HRD Minister that it was quite ‘common’ to address people as dear.

Instead of reflecting on her gaffe, the minister decided to slam the user by reminding how appalling his grammar was.

The user took the opportunity to take a dig at the minister’s questionable educational qualification.

He replied, “I must have made the mistake cuz i didn’t attend 4 Days degree program, Hope you will start it soon in India. (sic)”

Then there were those who dug out an old tweet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Irani’s mentor, addressing actor Deepika Padukone as ‘dear.’

“Dear @deepikapadukone lets encourage voter registration among 18-24 yr olds. Large number of them unregistered. EC drive presently underway.”

While one user hoped that the HRD ministry did not consider banning use of ‘dear’ from future ‘English language books.

She was also reminded about her own ‘grammar facepalm’ by this user

Then there were those who questioned her educational qualification.


Irani clearly has caused embarrassment for herself as the use of the word ‘dear’ in any formal correspondence is reflective of respect and common courtesy.

It’s even more embarrassing for her because of her designation as someone responsible for shaping the educational policy of India.


  1. Bihar and Education Minister!!what a contradiction!!we r told that they have Lalloo’s clan membrs as heads of different degree fake certificate instituts.


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