Smriti Irani attacks Arvind Kejriwal for tweet on Delhi’s women voters, calls Delhi CM ‘anti-women’


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Smriti Irani were engaged in a Twitter spat on Saturday after the former’s tweet urging women to vote in large numbers did not go down well with the union minister. Incensed over the Delhi Chief Minister’s tweet, Irani called Kejriwal ‘anti-women.’

Smriti Irani

Urging women to vote in large numbers, Kejriwal had tweeted, “Do go out to vote. Special appeal to women- The way you take care of the household responsibilities, you also have the responsibility of the country. All of you women must go out to vote and take the menfolk of your house too. Do discuss with men who you should vote.”

Smriti Irani felt that Kejriwal’s tweet was indicative of the fact that women were incapable of making their decisions independently. She wrote, “Do you not think women are capable of deciding who they will vote for?” She ended her tweet by using a Hindi hashtag, which loosely translated as #AntiWomenKejriwal.

Kejriwal replied, “Smriti ji, Delhi’s women have decided who they will be voting for. In fact, only women have decided on behalf of their families on who to vote for in Delhi. After all, they have to run their households.”

The counting for the Saturday’s Delhi assembly elections will take place on 11 February.


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