When smiling Nitish and Kejriwal were greeted with a curt handshake by stony-faced PM


We all know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, are sworn political rivals.

Their rivalry intensified since the AAP leader attempted to spoil Modi’s party during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014 by choosing to contest against him from Varanasi.

Known for not forgiving and forgetting, Modi targetted Kejriwal on several occasions even after winning a historic mandate in the general elections.

Video: screenshot from ANI video
Video: screenshot from ANI video

His bitterness against Kejriwal became public particularly during the Delhi assembly elections when he actively campaigned for the BJP.

But the BJP lost Delhi miserably by winning just three out of 70 seats with the remaining being won by Kejriwal, who scripted history in February 2015.

Since then, the Delhi chief minister, has been accusing the central government led by Modi of not allowing him to govern the national capital efficiently allegedly to avenge the humiliating defeat of the BJP in the assembly elections.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Modi invited chief ministers from across the country as part of the Inter State Council Meeting in Delhi.

If people thought this meeting would act as a catalyst for the two leaders to bury their differences, they were left disappointed. That’s because the video posted by ANI tells the entire story.

Modi, while meeting every chief minister, reached to Kejriwal and Bihar chief minister, Nitish Kumar, for a handshake. However, the look on his face was reflective of the fact that everything was still not well between the prime minister and Kejriwal.

Both Kejriwal and Nitish smiled as Modi approached them but the two chief ministers were met with a deadpan expression, almost bordering anger, from the prime minister.

The prime minister’s mood, however, significantly improved seconds later as he met his alliance partner and the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu because that’s when he smiled.


  1. इसे कहते हैं फूटी आँख न सुहाना..

  2. देखो भाई। मैंने कभी किसी के लिए अपशब्द का इस्तेमाल नहीं किया लेकिन केजरीवाल की भाषा सुनकर तो मेरा खून भी खौल जाता है। मोदीजी ने हाथ तो मिलाया मैं होती तो वो भी न करती। केजरीवाल जिस तरीके की गालियाँ देते हैं अगर आप को कोई दे तो seriously आपका हाथ उठ जायेगा। मोदीजी शान्ति से बैठे हैं येही बड़ी बात है।
    रहा सवाल चेहरे के expression का केजरीवाल ने हाथ ऐसे मिलाया जैसे वो खुद सोच रहे थे की हाथ मिलाऊं या नहीं। हाथ मिल गया चलो काम ख़त्म।
    Seriously I wonder how could this man be in IRS service. He lacks basic etiquette.


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