Should Dattu (Chief Justice of India) be allowed to get away with alleged charges of corruption?


Justice Markandey Katju

Some time back I had telephoned a senior supreme court lawyer, who is also the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, and told him that I had a dossier containing documentary evidence ( photocopies of numerous sale deeds, etc ) which was prima facie proof of the large scale corruption by the present Chief Justice of India, Dattu who seems to have amassed a fortune after becoming a Judge. I had also photos ( sent by email to me by someone ) of the palatial house Dattu had built on 1200 sq.m. land in Bangalore. All these properties Dattu had got in the name of his wife Gayathri, but she was cunningly mentioned as daughter of Guravayoor, instead of wife of Dattu.

I told the senior lawyer that the matter should surely be investigated. I also told him that before Dattu had become CJI in October 2014 I had got several copies of the dossier made and given them to Mr. Ravi Shanker Prasad, the then Union Law Minister, some senior lawyers of the Supreme Court (e.g. Mr. Shanti Bhushan, who sent his son Prashant to my residence to collect the dossier ), media people, etc but no one was even prepared to investigate the matter, although I told them that the documents may not be accepted on their face value, but at least should be investigated. Mr. Shanti Bhushan had telephoned me the next day and told me that the allegations in the dossier were indeed serious, and I said that then surely they should be investigated by the Committee on Judicial Accountabilty (COJA ), of which he was a senior member, but nothing was done by anyone. Surely it is time now to investigate the matter.

The senior lawyer said that in fact Prashant Bhushan had showed him the dossier, and on reading it he was satisfied about its veracity, but since Dattu was retiring on 2nd December now there was no point in going into the matter, and we should only ensure that in future such Judges are not elevated to the Supreme Court.. In other words, Dattu should be allowed to get away with it.

But if Dattu is allowed to get away with it, how can it be ensured that other Judges do not follow his example ? Surely a message should be sent that allegedly corrupt Judges cannot get away with it

I have the dossier with me, and if some lawyer or other person is willing to file a P.I.L. in the Supreme Court asking for an investigation into Dattu’s alleged corruption I can give it to him. I can also email him photos of the palatial house Dattu has built in Bangalore.He can contact me on my email id

I am reproducing one of my earlier posts in this connection

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