Shocking video of two naked ‘Dalit women’ being thrashed by ‘upper caste’ women goes viral


A shocking video of two ‘Dalit women’ being subjected to merciless thrashing and public humiliation allegedly women from upper caste has gone viral on social media platforms.

The video is so graphic in nature that we at have decided not to broadcast here because of poor taste and decency issue.

In the two naked ‘Dalit women’ can be seen lying in water while two women are constantly thrashing them.

We don’t know where the incident took place and what the reason for their public humiliation was. But nothing will ever justify the humiliation meted out to the victims.

What’s worse is that they are being surrounded by a group of men with most of them busy filming the incident.

The was video titled ‘Dalit women paraded naked by Upper Caste Men and women’ and was posted on YouTube on 21 March. The incident has caused outrage on Facebook.

Here are some messages:

Kas Turi: Please don’t share this graphic video which makes no attempt to conceal the identity of the Dalit women. 

Nupur Jain: Am Appalled and disgusted.. Can’t stop crying..This is just..plain cruelty.

Jeet Bhattacharya: What’s happening to this country? All seems mad and we are in psychiatric concentration camp named India.

Nina Rao: India shamed

Ashok Kapoor: Disgusting

Om Prkash Singh: Shameful but must be put on social media to see our true face in own mirror. May any one inform the place or state of the place of this horrible incident.



  1. I am deeply shocked by this and the culprits must be caught and given a prison sentence due to the nature of this heinous crime.Why did no one from the crowd stop them?

  2. it absolutely disgusting we feel proud to be in 21st century but such barbaric act do not justify .severe punishment should be awarded to the culprits.

  3. We shout from roof tops of our great culture and depict west as deprived and totally lacking any culture .Instead it seems we are worse than any of most depraved of persons in the world;but one step ahead, with entire nation in tune with the demeaning people and the ruling party directly conniving with such elements-this I say with responsibility because after the belated and delayed even, mild admonishion of the PM his friends are upset with him for spoiling their game and accuses him of betrayal – meaning he is their pal and coconspirator.

  4. The Government of the day should take action against the perpetrators of this crime or it will go to show that they are supporting such acts by anti-social elements and encourage more people to do such acts.


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