Shocking images of alleged brutalities against Muslim cattle traders in Rajasthan


By Milli Gazette

In India Cruelty against Muslims is celebrated. Alleged Cruelty against Animals (read cows) and Hindutva goons will chase you to “death”.

“Muslim” Transporters of “cow” were nearly lynched in Rajasthan on 31 May. The truck was said to be carrying 50 cows and was passing through Chhoti Sadri Pratapgarh district, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan on 31 May 2016. The mob of Hindu “activists” chased the truck and later set it on fire. The driver and his three helps were stripped and mercilessly beaten in the presence of police.


A case of cruelty against animals have been lodged against the four transporters.

The Cow Protection Groups (Gau raksha dals) celebrate with great impunity all their catches and the brutal punishment they reward. They themselves share pictures and videos of their “great” achievements. In one case near Aligarh they even allowed an “embedded journalist” to record and report their stories of saving Mother Cow.

When Milli Gazette called on the numbers from which the photos had reached an activist in Chhoti Sadri, they said that they were happy on their achievement and that they beat such people in such a way that the “Cow trader” does not die, but will not able to walk or sit for months due to the deep wounds.

In their press note, the Police not only mentions the names, fathers names and addresses of the four transporters but also mentions their religion as “Muslim”. This is how crimes of the majority community are justified by the state machinery.


These are clear photos of the perpetrators and the face of the policemen is also clear. But nothing will happen to them.

This is not the first such case and will not be the last. Since BJP formed government at the Centre in May 2014 with a clear majority and Narendra Modi took oath of office as Prime Minister, hate crimes against minorities, Muslims and Christians, as well as Dalits have increased alarmingly.

This is the India, for which Muslims are still ready to die, Mr. Modi.


The content above first appeared on Milli Gazette. We’ve made some editing to correct grammatical oversight)


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