Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s fast on farmers’ death was ‘fixed’


The indefinite fast by Madhya Pradesh chief minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, on ‘restoration of peace’ post farmers’ deaths was fixed, revealed a report by ABP News.

According to the report, just a day after Chouhan’s fast, the relatives of the farmers, killed in police firing, were coerced into travelling to Bhopal and appeal the chief minister to break his fast.

Chouhan had later said that he ended his fast at the appeals of the relatives of the farmers.

The channel says its reporter spoke to the relatives of those farmers who had died in the police firing. The relatives reportedly revealed how they were tricked into travelling a distance of over 350 kms from Mandsaur to Bhopal so that Chouhan’s fast could be broken.

Kailash Joshi, the former MP chief minister, had served Chouhan a glass of juice to break his fast and it was announced that the chief minister had done so only after the relatives made an appeal for him to do so.

However, the relatives now contradict Chouhan’s claims.

A relative of Bablu, who was one of the fice farmers to be killed, said that Chouhan and his supporters made it appear as if the relatives had gone there to end his breakfast.

He said, “We did not make any such appeal. Why should we? Let him fast for 10 months, a year.”

Another relative, Radheshyam said, “His (Chouhan’s) PA told me that ‘you don’t about job or money. You should only say that you are here to end his fast.'”


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