Shiv Sena threatens to disrupt Ghulam Ali’s Delhi concert, AAP govt says ‘get well soon’

Ghulam Ali

Shiv Sena on Friday threatened to disrupt the next month’s concert of Ghulam Ali scheduled to be held in Delhi.

Har Gobind Arora of Shiv Sena told a news agency ANI that his party ‘will not allow’ Ghulam Ali’s concert to be held in the capital.

He said, ” Not just Ghulam Ali, we will not let any Pakistani artists perform in the capital. We will oppose this tooth and nail. We will not reveal our our strategy as to what we will do, but you will see on the day. No body will be allowed to play with the sentiments of Indians.”

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He told reporters, ” Delhi will welcome the ghazal maestro and we will enjoy his ghazals. As for Shiv Sena, the family members of Bal Thackeray and their supporters,  my only message is that get well soon. I hope they do some prayers as anyway the Navratri is going on. Hope God gives them good sense. We are determined to spread the message of love in Delhi.”

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Later, Mishra had personally gone to extend a formal invitation to the ghazal maestro.

Among the famous ghazals of Ali also include Chupke Chupke Raat Din Aansoo Bahaana Yaad Hai.

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