Shiv Sena calls PM Modi ‘dhongi’, opposition slam ruling alliance’s ‘theatrics’


BJP’s main ally in Maharashtra and at the centre, Shiv Sena, has launched a fresh attack against PM Modi and many of his other senior party colleagues.

A new poster issued by Shiv Sena has described PM Modi as dhongi (fake). The poster, which has several photos of BJP leaders and Modi bowing head to Bal Thackeray, says, ” Those who are pretending to walk with their head high forgot how their heads used to lower in front of our leader Balasahab Thackeray.”

Shiv Sena and the BJP have reportedly been at loggerheads over the former’s violent protests against hosting Pakistani artists, politicians and sports personalities in India.

However, opposition parties have dismissed the new poster terming it a part of a ‘fixed match’ between the two allies.

Aam Aadmi Party’s Preeti Sharma Menon said both parties were incapable of ruling the state.

“It’s been one year of BJP Sena rule and they have not one achievement to show for it. Maharashtra is reeling under drought and both these parties are continuously attacking each other instead of governing the state. Both are incapable of ruling and it does seem that our state will see a government collapsing soon

“The Shiv Sena survives only on theatrics and does not have one useful contribution to make to the state. Uddhav and Modi’s inability to work together is seriously damaging the state. They should end their farcical coalition.”

Priyanka Chaturvedi of Congress said,
“Problem is for those who voted them to power. It’s a fixed match between them. Jaitley instead of criticisng Shiv Sena, can kick them out of the NDA and in the state and seek fresh mandate of people.”

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday had expressed his disapproval of resorting to violent means for protests.

BJP’s Shaina NC said, “Dont need certificate from anyone about PM Modi. Hes doing a fantastic job. Sad that some people calling our leaders dhongi. Balasahab was a respectable figure and there was nothing wrong in showing respect to him.”


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