Shiv Sena breaks alliance with BJP? Won’t fight Lok Sabha and assembly elections with saffron party


Shiv Sena on Tuesday announced that it was parting ways with its alliance partner, the BJP, adding that it will fight 2019 Lok Sabha elections and the subsequent assembly polls alone.

Shiv Sena

The announcement was made in Shiv Sena’s National Executive meeting after the party passed a resolution to go solo. Shiv Sena leader, Sanjay Raut reportedly moved the resolution at the party’s national executive committee meeting in Mumbai and it was passed unanimously.

“The BJP allied with the Sena in the name of Hindutva and the Sena kept patience for Hindutva. However, the BJP in the last three years has been demoralising the Sena and using power to do so,” Raut was quoted by Times of India.

Shiv Sena has, however, not clarified whether it was also withdrawing support to the government in Maharashtra. The BJP will come in minority if the Sena decides to withdraw its support.

Shiv Sena had for the first time decided to break alliance with the saffron party when it decided to contest the Mumbai municipal elections alone. It had managed to retain its control over the country’s richest municipal body by placing the BJP to second position.



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