Shiv sena says Sinha’s views cannot be dismissed by paid social media propagandists, attacks BJP again


The Indian Express yesterday published an article by former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha (during Vajpayee regime), where he took potshots at the government and Arun Jaitley in particular.


While Home Minister, Rajnath Singh was quick to respond, “World Knows India’s Economy Is The Fastest Growing”, BJP’s ally in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena has once taken seized on the opportunity to critique the central government on Sinha’s remarks.

As reported by IANS, Shiv Sena today expressed their anguish through their newspapers “Saamana” and “Dopahar Ka Saamana” and challenged its ally BJP to “prove Yashwant Sinha wrong” for his harsh comments on the state of the Indian economy which has erupted into a major political storm.

The papers added, “When economists like (former PM) Manmohan Singh and (ex-Finance Minister) P. Chidambaram were saying this, they were sought to be dismissed as “crazy”, and when the Sena and others questioned the government policies, they were dubbed as “traitors”.

“Their false notions have been demolished by none other than a highly experienced former BJP Finance Minister, (Yashwant) Sinha. He has made many statements, now you give evidences and prove him wrong,” the edit said, throwing a gauntlet at the BJP.

It further pointed out how, during the regime of the Russian dictator Joseph Stalin, dissidents speaking out against his government disappeared overnight or were shunted to concentration camps.

“Sinha has spoken the truth. He has thrown light on many issues which have wreaked havoc, including demonetisation, the current economic crises, etc. We have to see what punishment will be meted out to him” the Sena said.

The former NDA Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had made Sinha the country’s Finance Minister and his views cannot be easily dismissed, merely by the army of paid propagandists on social media networks, the edit warned.

These days, many high-profile schemes of the BJP government are in doldrums, the “Modi Fests” like Make in India and several others are flopping despite spending huge sums on them, but they are being touted as asuccessful by beating drums of advertising’, the edit said.

Continuing further in its scathing attack, Sena said, “In Gujarat, it is said ‘Vikas gaando thyo chhe’ (Development has gone crazy/haywire). Sinha has exposed the government claims by saying that contrary to the official figures that GDP rate is 5.7 per cent, it is actually 3.7 per cent. When the Congress’s Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram said the same, they were labeled ‘mad’ by the BJP”.

Sena also drew attention to Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s recent statements, stating how some people bragged so much about ‘vikas’ that it (‘vikas’) has now ended up as ‘crazy’, but, some people are still under the impression that if they win elections by manipulating EVMs, then it is ‘development’…!

The Sena also indicated that Dr. Manmohan Singh’s various observations on the economy questioning the government’s tall claims on various fronts was not incorrect, how demonetisation fuelled the economic downslide, drop in production, runaway inflation, zooming prices of gas, diesel and petrol, loss of jobs, steep fall in investments, precarious condition of the banking sector, etc.

“We had said all this over a year ago and branded as ‘traitors’ by the BJP. Now it is Yashwant Sinha’s turn..!” the edict concluded.

The allys, Shiv Sena and the BJP have not had a very warm association with each other after coming to power in 2014. The former has been constantly attacking the central government on neglecting various issues on farmer suicides or impacting lives of poor people by demonetisation and GST, as also the recent inauguration of the multi billion ‘bullet train’. Although the Sena continues to attack the BJP largely through its voicepiece, Saamana, they are yet to take any tough action to express their displeasure for real.


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