Did Shatrughan Sinha ask Biharis to vote against BJP?


Famous Bollywood actor and the BJP MP, Shatrughan Sinha on Friday took to twitter to post series of tweets, which may be causing huge discomfort within his own party.

Sinha said that he wished the voters in Bihar voted in favour of development.

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Let’s look at his tweets first.

Sinha’s first tweet was posted at 11.27 am on Friday to wish people on the occasion of Durga Puja.

This is what he said, “This is a festival that celebrates the victory of Good over Evil, Right over Wrong, Truth over Falsehood and Humility over Arrogance.”

His second tweet two minutes later said, “I pray that the election results are also in favour of those that will propel our Bihar on the road of true progress.”

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But it’s his third tweet, that may have prompted everyone to re-interpret the hidden meaning of his first two tweets. Let’s look at what he had to say in his final tweet of the ‘series.’

In his final tweet posted at 11.48 AM, the actor-turned-politician said, “Dal prices touch Rs.200. Urgent steps required by Centre to contain this! We have seen the tears that onion prices have brought in the past.”

There was nothing ambiguous about this tweet as we all know the containing the soaring prices of pulses that Sinha mentioned was the central government’s job. And it’s the BJP that is currently ruling at the centre. He clearly targetted his own government on the rising prices of daal.

With this mind, many think that Sinha had meant that, according to him, JDU and not the BJP, was likely to propel “our Bihar on the road of true progress.”

And in his first tweet, his reference to ‘Humility’ may have been meant for Nitish Kumar and ‘Arrogance’ for PM Modi.’

Sinha has been angry with the BJP for quite sometime and had even held close-door talks with Nitish Kumar just before the elections. He had travelled to Delhi to meet another Modi-baiter, Arvind Kejriwal.



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