Shatrughan Sinha takes dig at Suresh Prabhu’s budget, says ‘Kaun jeeta hai teri zulf ke sar hone tak’


BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha on Thursday night took a dig at the timeline set for most railway projects in the railway budget for 2016.

Sinha, a renowned Bollywood actor of yesteryear, took to Urdu poetry to take a swipe on rail budget presented in the Parliament by the Union Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, on Thursday.

In a series of tweets posted late Thursday (25 February), Sinha began by congratulating Prabhu.

He said, “Hey Prabhu. Keep it up my friend! One of the best performing, Minister of Railways, you’ve done an excellent job with rail budget presentation. Heartiest congratulations to the dynamic PM and our people for contributing to and supporting this budget.”

He then questioned the credibility of the deadline for the completion of most projects.

Prabhu, in his budget, had set 2020 as the deadline for the completion of projects even though the current government’s term will come to an end in 2019.

Sinha said, “Only one observation – hope I am taken in the right spirit. The credibility of the forecasts in your speech wud have been enhanced if the deadline for achievement had been kept 2019 i.e before the current term of the Govt. ends.

“By drawing the Laxman Rekha of 2020 (and not 2019) for achieving most stated milestones, you’ve allowed critics to say ‘Kaun jeeta hai teri zulf ke sar hone tak.’ Anyway, long live Hey Prabhu the Govt. to see that the dreams come true.”



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