Shatabdi, Rajdhani trains to have paperless ticketing system soon


Indian Railways have decided to introduce paperless mobile ticketing system in trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi, in an effort to reduce the usage of paper.

In New Delhi, on Thursday, Railway board member Ajay Shukla told PTI, “Our aim is to extend the paperless ticketing system in both reserved and unreserved segment in phases. While the system is at present operational in a suburban section in Chennai, we will cover all suburban services soon and then it will be extended to reserved segment also.”

He further explained that the trains Rajdhani and Shatabdi have been chosen assuming that the travelers in such premium trains are most likely to have mobile phones which can access the proposed tickets.

Shukla also said, “However, before introducing the system in the reserved ticketing segment, refund rules will be rationalised so that passenger will not have any problem in getting their money back if a ticket is being cancelled.”

A majority of Indian population uses trains on a regular basis to take journeys across the nation.


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