Shashi Tharoor’s quirky tweet on Ahmedabad-based restaurant chain angers Gujaratis, north Indians


Congress MP from Kerala, Shahshi Tharoor, has often hit media headlines for his extraordinarily brilliant grasp of the Queen’s English. His English and command over vocabulary have often given way to many memes and jokes on social media platforms.

Shahshi Tharoor

The politician from Kerala, who was recently announced as the Congress candidate from  Thiruvananthapuram once again, has become a target incessant trolling on the microblogging site after he took potshot at the North Indians’ lack of knowledge about south Indian languages.

Taking to Twitter, Tharoor had posted a photo of a Gujarat-based restaurant chain, which, according to him, had opened its outlet in Kochi in Kerala. The restaurant’s name Appiito in Malayalam means ‘did you poop?’

Tharoor’s tweet read, “The hilarious consequences of most North Indians’ ignorance of Southern languages! Popular restaurant chain in Ahmadabad recently opened its outlet in Kochi. But the hotel is struggling to find patrons. If they asked a Malayalam-speaker, they would understand why!”

No sooner did he post the tweet, many users began to target him, accusing the MP from Kerala of creating linguistic divide in India, while others trolled him for wrongly spelling Ahmedabad. One user Pankaj Bagnani wrote, “While this is funny Shashi, but two things: 1. Gujarat is Western India. Why you guys love labeling? If you do, label all 4 parts of India, please. 2. We have 100+ languages. Should we learn all? How many of you Malayalis know Gujarati or even Hindi. Isn’t it ignorance?”

User Kris tweeted, “Please no division of India based on region.Labeling is not expected from u as you are a sophisticated politician.I don’t want to tell u about English usage.When do we all start using adjectives in referring Indian regions, part of the same country. ‘southern’ instead of ‘south’.”

User Prakhar Chauhan told Tharoor, “Learn spelling of Ahmedabad.” User Patel Meet commented, “Are Bhai pahele spelling to thik kar le bad me rajniti karna.”



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