It is unforgivable to defend the guilty in Kathua gang-rape murder case, says Shashi Tharoor


Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has accused the BJP of wounding India’s spirit by encouraging ‘the forces of intolerance, hatred and fundamentalism’

Shashi Tharoor
file photo

According to PTI, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor in an event organized by the All India Professionals’ Congress (AIPC) in Mumbai said, “Earlier, there was no such environment.” Shashi Tharoor is the president of AIPC.

Referring to the barbaric incident of rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir, Shashi Tharoor said that defending the culprits of this crime which had created resentment across the country was not condescending.

The Congress leader said, “It is being done in the name of religion. Nobody is saying that the BJP or its government is directly responsible for it. But it has influenced the forces of intolerance, hatred and fanaticism.”

In addition, Tharoor said, “If they mismanaged the economy, at least they should have saved the social fabric, but they have wounded the soul of India.”

The 8-year-old girl’s brutal gang-rape and murder hasd caused an international outrage. Two BJP ministers had supported the alleged rapists and murderers in the case. They had led the rally, taken out in support of the arrested people, alleged to have committed the barbaric act.

The two BJP ministers in the Jammu and Kashmir government, Chandra Parkash Ganga and Lal Singh, were forced to resign in the wake of global outcry. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too was compelled to break his silence on the matter.

Modi had face huge protests in London on Wednesday during his visit as thousands of protesters held ‘Go Home Modi’ and ‘Modi Not Welcome’ placards. On Saturday, a British MP, had slammed PM Modi calling the incident a disgrace to India’s democracy. Khalid Mahmood had exclusively told Janta Ka Reporter that India had now become the rape capital of the world under Modi.

In India, #UnfriendBJP campaign had gained momentum as Facebook users began to remove saffron party supporters from their contact lists. Residents up and down the country had put up posters banning the BJP leaders in their neighbourhood.


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