Shamita Shetty posts ‘Miss You Dad’ video with smile, trolls target her, Shilpa Shetty with mean comments


Actor Shamita Shetty on Sunday posted a video, whereby she along with her sister Shilpa Shetty was seen paying a floral tribute to their late father with big smiles on their faces.

Shamita Shetty

The caption of her Instagram post read, “Miss u Dad. Happy Father’s Day.” However, no sooner had she finished posting the video (already seen by more than 12 lakh people), she began to face incessant trolling from her fans, who termed their reaction ‘insensitive.’ Other targeted the sisters with mean comments highlighting their ‘happiness’ in paying tribute to their late Dad. One user even wrote, “Everyone Unfollow this Flop Morons, they always need to show off and do drama.”

Miss u Dad ❤ Happy Father’s Day ❤ #fathersday #fathersanddaughters

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But far from being fazed by criticism, Shamita decided to take on her trolls. She wrote, ““I normally ignore silly / negative comments but Ul have chosen the wrong day to type this sort of crap about a daughter who worshipped her father ! So to all you ppl who ve written such nasty comments I will say only this .. I’m ashamed to have you as my followers/ fans .. pl unfollow me immediately as I do not wish to have you negative ppl with such small/ petty disgusting thinking following me ! Grow up guys n start using ur time doing better things rather than just judging ! Strive to make this world a better place by spreading some positivity .. as there’s enough negativity in the world ! This is my account I will choose what I wanto post , when I wanto ! No one has forced ul to follow me . Thankyou n godbless.”

Shamita’s sister Shilpa had faced nasty trolling last month when she posted a video of her and son feeding elderly people, occupants of an old age home in Mumbai. She was accused of showing off what was essentially an act of charity.


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