SHAMEFUL: 11-year-old girl, whose family alleged rape, ridiculed as ‘Bhabhi’ on social media


Amidst the shameful string of rising rapes in the country, another incident of alleged rape with a minor girl inside a madarsa in Sahibabad is making the news.

An 11-year-old girl was allegedly kidnapped from Ghazipur in Delhi, and later, found in a madarsa in Sahibabad in Uttar Pradesh. Police arrested the main accused – minor boy of 17 years, and later, the Maulvi of the madarsa. The case has been registered in POCSO Act and further action is underway.


Janta Ka Reporter had filed a detailed report by visiting both the victim’s families and the people associated with madrasa. Even though both parties had made desperate pleas to not communalise the case, some social media users with Muslim names launched a hashtag ‘#JusticeFor…Bhabhi’ revealing the victim’s name in the process and ridiculing her family’s claims of rape.

Within no time, there was a flurry of posts published on social media platforms, where the members of the right-wing brigade claimed that their main objection was the selective outrage against the ‘Kathua gangrape’ and silence about the girl from Ghazipur.

As opposed to the Kathua gangrape case though, there was no support for any accused here. The police had taken action and further action will be taken.

The attempts to mock the alleged victim of rape here have not gone down well with activists and commentators. Journalist and broadcaster Nilesh Mishra wrote, “A maulana raped a child inside a mosque. And people tried to justify it and called her Geeta Bhabhi. And India did not wretch in outrage. Maybe we are tired of grieving. Or maybe we have just selective outrage.”

We hope that the IT Cell of both Delhi and UP Police track the individuals, who poked fun at the 11-year-old girl with incredibly distasteful campaign.




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