BREAKING: Shaktiman the horse’s leg amputated


Uttarakhand police horse, Shaktiman, injured during the BJP protests on Monday had its leg amputated as the blood supply to broken legs had stopped.

Dehradun SSP Sadanand Date said, “Surgery to amputate Shaktiman’s leg just concluded. We are looking for possibilities of a prosthetic leg so Shaktiman can walk again.”

Uttarakhand DGP, BS Sidhu, told ANI that doctors, who diagnosed Shaktiman, concluded that the blood supply to injured portion had stopped, thereby deciding to amputate the injured leg.

He said, “Doctors were of view that horse might lose its life by tommorrow morning due to spread of gangrene, so decided to amputate leg urgently.”

Shaktiman had earlier undergone a five-hour surgery by a team of 10 doctors.

The new revelation on Shaktiman has come as a shock as the doctors on Wednesday had predicted the horse to be able to walk by April end.

On Thursday, the BJP MLA, accused of injuring, had come to see the horse.

The 14-year-old white horse, a prized member of the mounted police for 10 years, failed to stand on all fours today despite many attempts by its caretaker.

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  1. The doctors who were saying on Wednesday that horse will be able to walk by April must be infected with NAGPUR VIRUS. Once the 400 kg incredible animal has a fractured limb the bone has crushed pieces which rarely gets repaired. Prosthetics on that heavy horse is out of question. Sadly the horse will have to go like many humans had to go in 1984, 2002, 2008 …….
    .Very sad but true.


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