EXCLUSIVE: Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir to act in NRI director’s film on nationalism


They are three of the biggest names in the Indian film industry and together they’ve been responsible for giving some of the most memorable moments to the lovers of Hindi cinema year after year.

shah rukh salman aamir

However, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have never worked together.

This is set to change as London-based filmmaker has finally managed to convince the three stars for a dream project, set for 2018 release.

Sources close to Kuljinder Gheer, a London-based filmmaker, told Janta Ka Reporter that he had met three Khans in Maldives last week.

“Salman and SRK were already there holidaying. Kully (Kuljinder) and Aamir have been pals for years. Since Aamir has been tied up with his Paani Foundation project, it was difficult to convince him to be in Maldives for the final meeting. Upon request, Aamir agreed to join the rest of us through video conference,” said the source.

Gheer’s last movie Fabulous Utterances with James Bond 007 fame Daniel Craig had earned him plenty of plaudits particularly in the last year’s Cannes Film Festival. It was during this festival that Gheer reportedly used Aishwarya Rai’s contacts to reach out to Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

The film will essentially be based on campus politics exploring the rise of nationalism and how film stars get drawn into the after-effects of campus politics once they spiral out of control.

The fees of three stars will smash all previous Bollywood records.

When contacted, Shah Rukh Khan’s office told Janta Ka Reporter that it was too early to comment on the project.

Both Aamir and Salman were unavailable for comments.

However, Salman’s dad and renowned scriptwriter, Salim Khan, said that he was aware of the project but denied claim that Aishwarya had played a role in bringing the London-based filmmaker and his son together.

While Deepika Padukone is believed to have been confirmed for the film, Gheer is keen to cast two new faces opposite other two Khans.

Most of the film’s shooting will take place abroad since the the makers of the new film expect plenty of protests from right-wing groups in India.

“Since the film dwells upon the issue of nationalism, we expect a lot of resentment to this idea. Therefore, Kully has chosen to shoot a big chunk of the film at a neutral location outside India. All three stars have said yes to Kully’s idea,” said the source.

The biggest worry for the producer is India’s censor board. According to the source, Kully was hopeful that Pahlaj Nihalani will be on his way out and the new person may not be as difficult as he’s been in the last couple of years.

WARNING: You have just been APRIL FOOLED. While we desperately wish the three Khans to come on screen together in future, the above report is based on nothing but mere fiction. There’s no Kuljinder Gheer and the film Fabulous Utterances  too was the outcome of the writer’s imagination.

We did not speak to Aamir’s office, neither did we contact Salim sahab for any comments.






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